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Six Sentence Sunday — Love’s Curse

Every Sunday I share Six Sentences from one of my books or current WIP

In this Valentine romance, Tarek and Emma are hiding in a closet in her museum to escape the heartbroken mummy.

He clasped a hand around her mouth, trying to tell her to keep silent. The mummy’s scream shattered the lights, returning the creature to its preferred shadows. Even without the force directly striking them, it still deafened his ears. Only the perturbed waves of his blood washing in his veins sounded through him. He couldn’t hear the rustle of the mummy’s linen bandages, or the crackle and snap of its skin fighting against long desiccated muscles.

All he knew was the warm breath washing over his palm, and the softening body in his arms. She’d been rigid as a rail before, but with each tick of the clock and hopefully the passing of the creature farther from them, Emma calmed. Or perhaps she was rounding to the freezing stage of terror.

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