Valentine Giveaway — Day 14

It’s a pleasant and so tasty surprise that melts in your mouth. The pleasure that Honestly brings is beyond measure.

One person will win an ebook copy of Honestly and Stricken by V.J. Allison

Love knows no boundaries.

Needing an escape from her grandfather’s outdated and patriarchal views on a woman’s proper place, Dana Campbell flees to her cousin’s cottage on the Nova Scotian coast for some uninterrupted reflection. A trust fund and a prominent name isn’t her idea of happiness, especially if it’s tied to her grandfather’s archaic ideals of marriage. After a failed engagement to a gold-digging fraud, Dana just wants a quiet place where she can evaluate her life and wonder whether she can ever be open about her closeted pansexuality.

A trans man who has faced hatred, Avery D’Eon is happy being inconspicuous. A bad divorce and a family who shuns him make him wary of being in any kind of a romantic relationship. Despite making life altering choices about his body, as well as finding his tribe in the form of his employee, he still battles a sense of emptiness. His world is tossed off kilter by a vivacious and sultry woman sauntering into his store. One look into her beautiful brown eyes, and Avery sees the missing link in his life—someone to love and cherish.

Despite denying their attraction, Avery and Dana find what they need in a hurricane of desire.

But a tragedy close to home forces Dana to make a life-shattering choice—her wealthy family, or the man she adores.


  • Day 1 Winner — Moni C
  • Day 2 Winner — Judy G
  • Day 3 Winner — Jeannie H
  • Day 4 Winner — Debra G
  • Day 5 Winner — Jessica
  • Day 6 Winner — Monica R
  • Day 7 Winner — Cassandra
  • Day 8 Winner — Carole B
  • Day 9 Winner — Bonnie
  • Day 10 Winner — Dasha F
  • Day 11 Winner — Desiree S
  • Day 12 Winner — Ruth W
  • Day 13 Winner — L.C.
  • Day 14 Winner — Kathy F.

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