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Steamy Saturday — Tent Time

WARNING! A Five-Chili Steamy Scene Lurks Below!
If you aren’t ready for your phone to catch on fire, click away.

In this excerpt from Fever, Alistair is a goofy soldier shocked that the hot doctor wants to enjoy some tent time with him.

🌶️ MF
🌶️ Giddy Time
🌶️ First PiV for MC
🌶️ Monopoly

He didn’t realize he’d picked up her wrist until he was lifting it through the air. Curious and cautious eyes watched, like the mighty gazelle uncertain if it needed to stomp kick a lion to death. Releasing his hold on her tender wrist, Alistair skirted the tips of his nubby nails against the canyons that made up her lifelines. He plumbed the trails circling her thumb, up to her palm’s pads, and back across at barely a whisper.

It was stupid, it was impossible to explain to anyone, and he couldn’t stop the dumb obsession. Doubt mixed with a strong shot of self-consciousness caused him to pause. He was about to put her hand down when Mae’s glistening lips parted and a sultry sigh rolled free. Cheeses in the sky, how was he supposed to ignore that?
Shaking off the shame, Alistair cupped his palm behind her perfect one and brushed the warm skin up to his lips. The first kiss was barely a peck, a taste placed to the pinker skin below her thumb. When Mae moaned, he dared to let his tongue slip down into her lifelines. Tracing them as if he was a palm reader, Alistair felt his silent partner wake up from its nap. It knocked about in his trousers, mad that it went and trapped itself down his underwear leg.

The smart thing to do would be to stop, try to adjust himself without making it obvious, and then… He had no idea about the ‘and then’ part. People just always had those in plans. Accepting his pinched defeat growing more turgid with each pass of his teeth, he released Mae’s hand back to the wild. Alistair was about to tug and slide, when she planted her other palm in his shocked hands.


Golden eyes stared down at her own skin before darting to his confused face. Gulping, she whispered, “Don’t stop.”

Forgetting junior’s desperate fear of claustrophobia, Alistair went fully into this lifetime opportunity. He took his time savoring the thrill of her skin. When his teeth skirted lower, the bare edge of his canines scraping her thin wrist Mae gasped. Her hand withdrew quickly from his grip, Alistair sad to watch it go, when those juicy lips plunged onto his.

He stumbled backwards, his ass bouncing into one of the poles, causing the entire tent to tremble. Not giving a shit about the stability of their four walls, or anything else in the world, Alistair greedily swept his hands around the beautiful woman’s waist. She kept scrabbling for him, pawing at his shirt as if she intended to slice it off with her nails.

Okay, that’d be really hot, but doubtful Mae could manage with her clipped set. Instead, she had to settle with squeezing a few of his stomach muscles, nearly causing Alistair to break into giggles. Don’t laugh into her mouth. Don’t do it. Don’t…

A swipe of olive-tan blew past his vision, Alistair blinking madly as he tried to figure out what just happened. Mae pulled away from the kissing, her tongue running roughshod over her lips. “Lift your arms, silly.” She tugged on his shirt which was mostly bundled behind his head leaving him looking like he slipped on a bolero jacket.

“These arms?” Alistair asked, wiggling his biceps up and down before flexing them as tight as he could.
Hungry eyes devoured his goofy trick, Mae swiping her thumb up to her teeth to bite down. That move was enough to superpower junior into mecha-junior, who could easily slide out of its trap. A gasp at the freedom in his crotch erupted from Alistair before he smiled wickedly.

His hands swept down onto Mae’s hips. He rolled them back and forth, causing her to bob and weave. She was blessed with a solid set, the kind that looked like with one twist she could knock down a brick wall. They were usually hidden under all those professional lab coats she wore, but in the pool he couldn’t stop staring at her booty’s silhouette.

“I don’t think my arms are ready to give up what they have,” Alistair smiled, his hands parting down her thighs.

Mischievous eyes burned into his. She wouldn’t let go of the shirt trapped on his arms and slightly cutting off circulation, and he had no intentions of letting go of her. “That so?”

“Uh huh,” he nodded, the pads of his hands worrying against her thighs.

“Well then,” she tipped her head as if it was a big challenge, as if he had any kind of plan beyond touching her in places. Naughty places.

Mae gave up on his shirt, causing Alistair to smirk at the win when she grabbed hers and yanked it clean over her head. Without so much a by your leave. Oh dear lord, her bra was scarlet. Scandalous. With succulent cushions of a delicate brown poking up over the cups.

His hands released of their own accord, what with his brain fully shutting down at the image of a goddess nearly shirtless. A laugh burst from her tempting lips, lifting that set of breasts higher. While he was still gawping to circle around to the fact she was nearly naked, Mae disrobed him in record time.

Both of their sandblasted, military issued t-shirts crumpled together at their feet. Alistair glanced down at them, hoping he’d find some great secret as to how he got here and how to keep it going. “What, uh,” he looked up and blushed at the freckles scattered over her perfect shoulders. Something so innocent made him feel the right kind of dirty. “What do we do now?”

She tipped her head to the side and smiled, “Monopoly?”

Alistair launched forward, lips on hers, hands caressing every inch of her silken skin. As he unclasped her bra, he asked, “Can I be the thimble?”

Mae worked her magic fast on his trousers, the belt clanking as she yanked them past his flat-ass and down his flexing thighs. “Why would you want to be the thimble?” she gasped when he buried his face against her neck. The kisses were soft as rain, Alistair’s palms both greedily filling with her plentiful bounty. It was a grand harvest to partake in. Something about melons.

God, she had beautiful tits.

His brain had to reboot a few times, the rest of him far too enraptured with the skin and other body parts he could squeeze, tickle, rub, and caress. “I like the thimble,” he admitted, tipping Mae onto her back. Her elbow knocked into the stack of books she made and a sea of medical knowledge formed a halo around her head.
Her wholesome face lit up with a laugh as she stretched her graceful arms over her head and seemed to swim in her books. Beautiful. More than that. Ethereal. He half expected to peek in her belly button and find a light shining through from inside.

Mouth opening, he wanted to confess that fact, when her foot nudged up and down his inner thigh. It was almost enough to make him laugh until her nimble toes wiggled against his balls and darted straight up his shaft. “Sweet merciful funkins!”

“What does it take to get you to curse properly?” she asked, her head tipping to the side. At least he thought so through the spots blinding his eyes.

Catching his breath, Alistair yanked off her jeans as far as her luxurious ass. She had to help a bit with the rest. Crawling over her, Mae’s hands sculpting his back, he dipped down to whisper in her ear, “Wanna find out?”

“God yes,” she gasped.

It had to be a record for how fast Alistair got himself sheathed inside a rubber, Mae watching as her hand dipped… Oh, dear god. She slipped it between her channel, nudging up and down her hidden gem. Bringing herself pleasure, her chest heaving with the rise in sexy panting, her skin beading in a glow — Alistair froze. He could watch this every day for fifty years. Maybe a hundred assuming he ate right and started wearing a helmet.

A single groan out of the multitude he kept trapped inside escaped his lips, causing Mae to pause and smile up at him. The fingers that’d been cresting her waves curled from his thigh around to his hip and she dug in. Dragging him closer to her, begging for him to…

He paused with his knuckles digging into the sides of her waist. She kept pulsing her fingers into his bony hip, but Alistair pressed a kiss to her knee. Then another further up her thigh. Merry Melodies, the scent of her arousal slicked all over her sweet brown lips drove his tongue right back to her. Fingers pulsed in his hair, at first rolling around in ecstasy as he lapped circles for this buffet. He wasn’t quite ready to commit to one spot, not until he’d tried all the options.

“Wait,” Mae’s panting voice called, her fingers trying to tug him away.

Concerned, he glanced up at her only to see a smile rising. “We can save that for later. I want you inside me so bad.”

“Well,” a burst of pride that came in the form of a blush coated his cheeks. Clawing his way higher to her beautiful face, Alistair paused once his hips rested just above hers. “That can be arranged.”