First Kiss Friday

First Kiss Friday

Today’s first kiss is from The Start of Something by Tanith Davenport

He dominates the charts – can he dominate her heart?

The music swelled, a key change, and Aspen broke into song.

“You’re my only fetish…”

Tamsin’s heart went very still.

His voice. That deep, rough rock voice, harsh but strangely melodic, promising delights with every word. His hips took on a cocky strut, his jeans hugging him like a second skin, and suddenly all Tamsin could do was picture him naked, picture his bared chest and his hard cock jutting towards her.

She had heard this chorus before. Without thinking, she opened her mouth and let her voice out to join his, rising above his to create a harmony. Aspen’s eyes widened but he didn’t stop, if anything his voice seemed to grow stronger, and it was as though the two of them were glowing, connected by the music.

As the song faded out, Tamsin heard herself gasp, her body trembling, and suddenly Aspen was in front of her, his arms catching around her waist.

“Beautiful,” he ground out, then his mouth was on hers, a hard, punishing kiss that went straight to her core.

Without thinking, she found herself clinging to him, pressing herself against him, and his cock was hard against her through his jeans, and she wanted…wanted him inside her.

Aspen tore his mouth away from hers and stepped back, breathing hard.

Doesn’t he want this? Why did he stop?

“Tell me you want this.” Aspen’s eyes locked on hers. “I won’t do anything without your consent. It’s your choice.”

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