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Steamy Saturday — Feral Bed

WARNING! A Five-Chili Steamy Scene Lurks Below!
If you aren’t ready for your phone to catch on fire, click away.

In this excerpt, Michael’s been saved by a puma-shifter from a wild hog attack. Lev carries Michael to his bed.

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Legs astride Lev’s waist, Michael gave in to his primal urges. Even as his skin prickled at the nearness of a predator’s hot breath wafting down his throat, he gave in. Even at the press of sharp claws digging into his naked ass, he squirmed so they’d dig deeper. Even with his heart pounding in his ears, he stared deep into those lion eyes and begged for more.

Lev’s lips devoured his, his teeth nibbling along Michael’s jaw. Using his nose, Lev shoved Michael’s chin up so he could trace the edge of his incisors straight down the vulnerable throat of the man in his arms. A whimper warbled below the pair of fangs waiting to plunge and Lev’s gaze focused on Michael.

With a smile, the predator puckered his lips placing a sweet kiss where a ferocious bite could have been. Teeth capable of eviscerating a boar nibbled down his throat and the thought only poured napalm into his veins. Michael tried to return the sentiment when Lev kicked open the door at the end of a hall revealing the cougar’s lair.

A rocky outcropping and a pile of dead deer wouldn’t have been that shocking. All black linens piled on a mattress upon the floor might have fit. But the four-poster bed with a multi-colored quilt on it caused Michael’s jaw to drop.

All of the furniture, which was crammed in to fit, was painted a country white with swooping designs on the backs and handles shaped like keys. The quaint bedroom for the quaint farmhouse shocked Michael so he nearly forgot the fingers pressing into his hams.

“Can you stand?” Lev whispered in his ear. But rather than let him down, he flexed his hands in tighter, spreading Michael’s cheeks in the process.

“I think so,” Michael admitted, uncertain what this man had planned or wanted from him.

The feline smile returned, his yellow eyes lightening like a fire burned inside. Lev drew the tip of his nose from the top of Michael’s down the winding slope. Just before it reached the bottom, his lips found Michael’s, Lev’s hips bucking so his soaking wet cock curled under his ass.

As the power wrapped around him retreated, Michael’s legs sunk to the floor. Pain snapped up his calf when his foot sunk in, but at the hungry look in Lev’s eye, he shook it off. Naked and in a stranger’s bedroom, Michael’s hands tumbled to his sides. He bounced his thumbs together to keep his panic down as Lev tugged on a drawer.

A rattling — like wrenches in a toolbox — emerged from the dresser, Lev rifling through until he yanked out what he wanted. As Michael eyed it up, a tremor rose through his legs. Solid steel, wider at the bottom than the tip with a strong base — he knew precisely where that belonged. But was it for him or the puma that saved him?

A hand wrapped around his hip, Lev placing the toy in Michael’s palms. “How,” Lev whispered, yanking Michael’s hips to his so that hard cock slicked straight against Michael’s lower belly. Biting and pulling on Michael’s earlobe, Lev finished, “does that feel?”

Absently, he rubbed his hand up and down the butt plug, pretending he had any sense of its weight. All he knew was that he wanted that mountain lion and would try whatever he suggested.

“Good,” Michael said, nodding. “Great?”

Lev snickered, but when Michael tried to pass him the toy back he refused. “Hold onto it, for when you’re ready.” 

Ready? He nearly popped off in the tub. His entire groin felt like it was on fire from how he kept pulling himself back. How much more ready could he be?

Leaning closer, Lev pressed a kiss to Michael’s sternum, his show of affection turning into a bite. Another followed lower, near the belly button. And when Lev drifted to his hip, the bite’s pressure growing in intensity, Michael clenched his naked toes to the wooden floor. 

Lion eyes stared up at him, Lev’s palms curling around Michael’s ass, as he took to a knee. Rolling his tongue out, Lev circled the full of it clear around Michael’s dick. God. Shit. 


Lev flicked against the spot that’d cause any man to scream. He watched Michael struggling to keep himself in control, that gaze never leaving even as he swirled his tongue up and down the trembling dick. Just as Lev opened his mouth wide, prepared to take Michael in, a finger swirled around his pucker. 

Shivering at the teasing, Michael clenched his toes in preparation, when Lev’s already lubed finger slipped straight into him. It curled and crooked, knocking against every pleasure node firing through Michael’s body. At the same time, that hot mouth roared for his dick, sucking it deep down the lion’s throat. 

Michael bucked, a guttural cry rising as he thrust his hips into the perfect suction tempting him to oblivion. Lev’s nails dug deep into his ass, holding him in place. A whimper rolled in Michael’s throat, as he lost himself to both the finger inside and the mouth around him. 

“Hm, I think you’re ready,” Lev declared. As he released his tight grip, a cool breeze stung against the indents left in Michael’s ass. But he didn’t care because the lion picked up the toy and began to soak it in lubricant. Just watching the steel glisten from the methodical hands of Lev caused Michael’s teeth to chatter.
Starting the toy at his tailbone, Lev pressed the cool, metal edge against Michael’s skin. “How does that feel?”

“Unexpected,” Michael admitted.

The puma smiled, circling the tip down until he found the perfect spot. “And here?”

Fuck! The chill of the toy, the strength of it promising to press him to nirvana caused Michael to reach back, grab Lev’s hand, and shove it in. He launched forward in shock, Lev steadying him, as his ass welcomed and adjusted to the heavy steel filling him whole.

Raising his eyebrows along with a smirk, Lev sucked Michael’s dick back into his mouth. His head bobbed up and down, that lascivious tongue swirling with each rise and fall. Michael wanted to cry out, to beg for more, for it to never end, when Lev grabbed the base of the toy…and shoved it in deeper.

“Holy fuck!” Michael screamed, his body burning brighter with each small thrust. The toy was bouncing and knocking into his prostate, starting a rumble through the entirety of his lower half. But what was setting him on a fast crash was the low moan escaping from Lev’s expert mouth with each gasp of Michael.

The man’s hand kept switching from rolling Michael’s balls to grabbing his own cock. He couldn’t cease groaning from the pleas and cries for more from the man in his mouth. It was the perfect plateau to ride, ecstasy humming down the entirety of his body.

But he wanted more.

“Lev…” Michael whispered, his throat raw from the panting. “Lev,” he tried again, for once being the cause of the man to retract his gifts. When those striking eyes stared up at him, Michael admitted, “I want you.”
That handsomely beautiful feline face turned in confusion, reminding him who this was. What he was. But he didn’t care. 

Swallowing to try and quench the rising swell running through him, Michael curled his fingers around Lev’s cheek. The man wrapped his tongue around Michael’s thumb, bringing a moan at the reminder of what he nearly had. 

“I want you to fuck me. To fuck me until I scream for you to stop.”

Michael’s eyes went wide once the filthy words left his mouth, but Lev smiled and rose from his knees. Michael gawped as Lev’s palm swept from the top of his thigh, each nail leaving red marks behind. His dick shivered at the hope of Lev grabbing it, but the hand trailed around his hip. When the fingers locked in, Lev hauled him close, his lips plunging over Michael’s.

A gasp erupted from Michael as Lev yanked the toy straight out of his ass. “Mmm,” the lion purred, both his hands smoothing and kneading over Michael’s buttocks. He nipped Michael’s lip and said, “I could play with this all day long.”