First Kiss Friday

First Kiss Friday

Today’s first kiss comes from Puck in the Oven by Zoe Beth Geller

The guys on the hockey team get even with the player who delivers the most pranks.

The tension ebbs as his warm lips meet mine in a gentle kiss. My knees buckle, I slide an arm up to rest on his meaty bicep where I use him to steady myself as our closeness leaves me trembling. He breaks away, ending our kiss. The fleeting seconds were too short.

His chest moves away.

No! I want more.

“That was nice,” his deep voice murmurs close to my ear.

“Yes, it was.” I mumble, stunned by the animal magnetism. I want to rip off his shirt and run my hands over his chest. I desire his solid arms around my body again, and wish to stroke his muscular back. 
Like a bear out of hibernation, I’m awake and hungry. I retract my hand and stand on my own as he slides his arm through mine. It’s as if we’re back in the nineteen-forties when the man escorts his lady to tell the world she’s mine.