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Six Sentence Sunday — Gettin’ Lucky

Every Sunday I share Six Sentences from one of my books or current WIP

Today’s excerpt is from my free Leprechaun romance, Gettin’ Lucky. Perfect for some Saint Patrick’s Day steam. A tree comes crashing through Jess’ bedroom window, then a hot Irishman follows.

My eyes whipped down to find I was dressed…in a Hello Kitty shirt three sizes too big for me. Grabbing the duvet, I slapped it over my chest and tried to pretend I was wearing a silk nightie underneath instead. “Who…?” I gulped, watching the strange man stare around my room. “What happened?”

“Forgiveness, please.” His voice hummed with an accent that twirled on his lips. British? “I’m afraid I’m the fiend who caused this rotted tree to puncture through your window.”