First Kiss Friday

First Kiss Friday

Today’s first kiss is from 3 DAYS by Airicka Phoenix

3 DAYS… That was all he was going to give her, all he was going to allow himself.

I ate up the five feet in two. I hooked ten fingers into all that lush, glorious hair and I dragged her into me. Her gasp tightened my hold, it sent a molten river of desire crashing through me.

“You asked for this,” I snarled into her upturned face, her parted lips, her wide, dark eyes. “Remember that.” I fisted the silky strands knotted between my fingers just hard enough to coax a whimper from her. “Remember I told you to fucking run. I told you this was a bad idea.”

I kissed her before she could answer.

I dominated the soft pillows of her mouth, forcing them apart with my teeth, my tongue invading. She tasted sweet, a mixture of cherries and wine. Her moan vibrated around me, a lusty purr of submission. Her fingers hooked into the material of my top, holding her to me as she went up on her toes. The effort didn’t bring her anywhere close to my height, but it was enough to have my hands drop from her hair and circle her waist. I hoisted her up and her legs immediately swung around my hips.

I took her to the sofa with our lips locked and her entwined around me. Neither of us relinquished our battle or slowed our assault, even when I lowered her amongst the throws and pillows and moved over her.