First Kiss Friday

First Kiss Friday

Today’s first kiss comes from Drowning in Shallow Waters by Lyndell Williams

A steamy romantic suspense between a successful lawyer and a chef who can heat things up!

Brandon moved closer and put his hands over hers, bringing her attention back to him. His free hand slid across her lower back and settled on her hip. He shifted behind her and pulled her body against him. A thrill went through her. He wasn’t her first husband, but he affected her with a casual touch in ways that Faruq never had. She looked up. His eyes blinked under the photographer’s flash and his bright teeth gleamed. How good would the cake taste licking it off him?

He pressed closer. “Ready?” he asked.

Her mind interpreted it the way her lady parts wanted. She shifted her gaze to the cake, swallowing. “Yeah.” They sliced through the thick icing, everyone cheering. She put a slice of vanilla cake on a small, round plate and picked off the piece, holding it between her fingers, and raising it to his mouth.

He opened. She tucked the cake inside. He held her wrist, pinning her gaze. He closed his lips over her fingers. His silky tongue slipped between them and mouth sucked the sweetness from her hand. She held her breath. He pulled her closer and kissed her with the energy of a man chasing down the rest of his life.

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