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Steamy Saturday — Demon on a Beach

WARNING! A Five-Chili Steamy Scene Lurks Below!
If you aren’t ready for your phone to catch on fire, click away.

This excerpt is from the newest Coven of Desire book. Layla shocks Ink on the beach when she wants him to lose his human illusion and take her as the demon.

🌶️ MF
🌶️ Beach Fun Times
🌶️ Riding Demon Tail

Ink stared at me like I’d gone mad. I tried to think how to roll back what I’d said, but he took my hands and extended them above my head. “Why do you want that?” he breathed in my ear, not in a sexy way, or as a taunt. He sounded utterly confused.

“Because…” I don’t want it to always be the lie. He could be the ludicrously hot, charming and sardonic man with other people. I knew him—I needed to know all of him.

I shrugged, incapable of voicing all of that. “Why not? I mean, you’ve done all this insane shit. Orgies at the Vatican, BDSM in royal courts, other stuff you brag about. Surely someone’s desired the demon before.”

His eyes grew wary and my resolve crumbled. Oh. Shit. It’s just me. I’m the fucked-up one. Of course, I wanted to fuck a demon, so…hard to sound sane after that.

Ink closed his eyes and dipped his head down, but he didn’t relax his grip. My body tightened, every muscle a wound band as I wanted to spring away and run. Slowly, the Mediterranean tan faded from Ink’s face and down his body. The flesh became black as midnight with veins of red lava crackling below. Horns rose from his forehead and curled back like a ram’s into sharp points with tips of gold. As the illusion trailed down his body, Ink whipped a tail with a spade-like end. It reached his feet, which clipped into the familiar hooves of the satyr or classic devil.

His delicious and deadly voice plummeted to a thigh-quaking rumble. “Well…?” Ink opened his eyes. The sclera were completely black while his irises burned with fire. They were mesmerizing. “Do you still wish to fuck this?”

He released his hold on my wrists and took one of my hands. With almost skittish care, he guided my palm to his chest. Where there’d usually be smooth skin and a hint of ribs were crags. It felt like touching a mountain with the hand of god, tracing century-worn peaks and valleys that dipped into a hot vein of red. I slipped out of his hand and Ink let me go. Instead of pulling away, I continued lower. My pinkie dipped into one of the deepest veins, the heat nearly scaring me off, but I kept traveling.

Ink breathed deep, raising the hills where there’d once been pecs. I passed his stomach, the rocky terrain burning hotter the lower I went. As I stared at his demonic flesh, wondering what it’d feel like to rub across my body, to run over with my tongue, my hand drifted until I glanced against his cock. Dark shadows erupted from Ink. On instinct I clutched to the first thing I had, which was his not-as-rocky, but not-as-smooth cock.

He groaned and spread his demonic wings out. The feathers strained to the sky, black shadows dripping from each tip. Smothered in midnight, I grew bold. His cock was wily, bending and reacting to my touch in a way no human’s could. Large ridges circled from the base all the way to the tip. It didn’t have the same mushroom-like crown, but came to a more tapered end with small nodes circling just below the tip.

As I swept my palm up to the top, his cock didn’t just twitch… It reached for me. Somehow, the end pierced in between my fingers and curled up to my knuckle.

“How…?” I gasped.

“How can an incubus direct himself to every pleasure center inside the body?” Ink almost laughed, not in derision but glee, like he was ecstatic to show off this party trick. He closed his eyes and his cock curled around my finger, then pressed the widening tip to my palm. “That is how.”

Ink pulled his hips back, retracting his magical cock. “Layla, I can return the illusion if you’d—”

“No!” I shouted, almost surprising Ink. He blinked, the fire in his eyes momentarily puffing up smoke. I stared anew at his face. If I didn’t know it was him, I couldn’t have guessed. But the cheekbones were similar, the same swoop to the jawline I’d nibbled so many times. His lips were the only smooth part of his visage. Unlike the rest, they were black with a sprinkling of red, like onyx. Only the hair hadn’t changed at all. The medium-length ebony locks curled, nearly touching his shoulders.

It was Ink, my Ink. And I wanted to fuck him.

I clung to his jawline and pulled him to me. Ink’s eyes flared in surprise, the flames rising when I kissed him. The heat flushed my face and the scent of brimstone sent me reeling. But as I touched his lips, the hot stone pressed back, and my body melted. I ran my fingers through his hair and felt the dark shadows of his wings on the back of my hand.

Slowly, I began to fall back to the towel. Ink came with. I couldn’t stop running my palms over his forehead, his cheeks, needing to recognize him and know him. “I want this. You know I want this.”

“And yet it is still difficult to believe.”

Wrapping my arms around the nape of his neck, I raised myself off the ground. The heat of his body rumbled down my naked breasts. God, to feel that inside of me… I drew my tongue around his ear. With every last ounce of strength in my body, I commanded, “I want you.”

All I saw were Ink’s flaming eyes homing in on me. They burned from red to white. He reached back and clenched my wrists.

Was that the wrong thing? Did I screw up?

Ink plunged to the ground, pressing my hands into the sand above my head. He deliberately drew his gaze down my body, smoke rising from his lava veins the longer he stared. Something brushed against my leg. It drew higher, toying with my inner thigh like a flat leather flogger. I looked to his cock to find it rigid and ready for duty.

What is…?

“Oh…fuck!” It plunged into me, the small tip flattening fast to a wide spade. His tail—he was fucking me with his tail.

Ink bent over me, his knees pinned astride my waist while he swirled the tip of his tail against my clit. The pin-point, vibrating pressure was ramping through my body. I flexed my hands, trying to keep from coming in ten seconds, and arched my back. Ink kissed my lips and pulled his tail from my clit.

I sighed at the release and began to kiss him back.

He nudged my head to the side with his horn and bit my neck. Before I could even gasp in pleasure-pain, he slapped the flat end of his tail against my whole vagina. The wet sound made me jump far more than the sensation.

Ink twisted his tail, rolling the flat edge up from the top of my taint to my clit. I tried to grind back, whimpering for more. When I caught the tip of his tail on my clit, the pleasure zapped through me. The vise on my wrists tightened, pinning me deeper into the towel.

“Ink.” I fought to keep from going mad. My body from the waist down was burning, pleading for his touch to quench it. “Please.”

He smiled and bent closer, tracing one of his horns over my cheek. “Please bring you to the heights of pleasure with only my tail?”

I wanted to answer, to scream yes, but I couldn’t stop panting, my head buzzing from too much oxygen. “My bond, my pleasure is your…” He swept the edge of his tail against my vulva and, with the tip, vibrated my clit beyond reason.

“Desire,” Ink whispered.

I fought with everything I had, my body hanging on the edge by a nail. When he spoke in his low baritone that dripped down my throat like molten honey, I was lost. The orgasm struck so hard I screamed a feral cry of rage from my flesh sack not being able to withstand any longer. Lights sparkled in the darkness, ribbons of whites and blues trailing through the shadows of his wings around me. I hummed and whimpered, swaying with a beat I could see and not hear. All the while, Ink held me. He kissed my cheek, brushed his horn against my hair and caressed my shaking thighs with his tail.

It was anyone’s guess how long I was caught in the thrall of my orgasm. I wished the ebbs and flows of it had been for thousands of years, but I doubted my heart could have survived more than two minutes.

By the time I finally gathered myself from the abyss to form a coherent thought, I slithered my hands from Ink’s slack grip and smacked him in the chest. “Why the shit didn’t you tell me you could do that?”

He laughed and I slapped him again. “You know, I have no idea.”


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