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Six Sentence Sunday — Scales

Every Sunday I share Six Sentences from one of my books or current WIP

In this excerpt, Ink offers a bit of advice to a breaking down Cal.

Listen, put on your friendly smile, the one you always dole out when not sulking alone. Enjoy my bond in the very skimpy beach suit I slipped into her luggage.”

He stared at me as if stunned I’d do such a thing. But his desires shifted from a strangling black to a leg-shaking red lightning quick.

“Once this vacation has ended, we shall return and destroy Conquest’s little pet, assuming you don’t have some moral objection.”

Calvin shook his head hard. He seemed resigned to his eldest brother’s fate.

“Then we’ll celebrate with an orgy and cake.”

Amazon link for Scales
Barnes & Noble link for Scales
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Bookbub link for Scales
Goodreads link for Scales
First For Romance link for Scales

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