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Converse with an Incubus

To celebrate the release of Scales, the sixth Coven of Desire book, we’re able to sit down and talk with the hot demon of the series—Ink.

Meet Ink

How would you describe your family or your childhood?

I was born, if one could call it that, when a hedonistic man took a vow of chastity and via virulent prayer tore me from his psyche. Incubi don’t have childhoods. We pop into this world fully formed and ready to debauch.

What was your greatest talent?

I’ve found it’s much easier to show than be accused of bragging, but alas, I am bound to my witch so you’ll have to take my word for it.

Significant other?

I suppose she is significant in that I am bound to her across the realms of the universe; however, incubi do not dwell in the palm-sweaty, awkward existence that is mortal dating. It is rare for us to spend more than a night with one of our prey, for rather obvious reasons. Layla is the exceptional mortal to experience my numerous skills over and over—often four or five times a night.

Biggest challenge in relationships?

You presume I would care about the thoughts or convoluted feelings of others, beyond the pulsing blood flow to their loins, of course. Even if she is having a tempestuous fight with her werewolf or being teased by the ethereal touch of the ghost, it is not my problem. I shall be there waiting for her when she needs a proper tongue lashing.

Where do you live?

A most curious question. Do incubi, do any of us mortal sins, truly live? We cannot die so do we live, or are we merely existing until the Celestials grow weary of their experiment and wipe away the stain of the universe? Oh, you meant where I sleep. That’s easy. I don’t.

Do you have any enemies?

There is the occasional jealous spouse threatening to geld me, but I would not call them enemies, more obstacles. Upon my ignoble birth, there was a woman, an incubus like me, who took me under her wing not as a protege but a toy. Whatever she wants with me, I will protect Layla from her claws.

Do you have children, pets, both, or neither?

Does the werewolf count? I have had him at the end of a leash once, much to his annoyance.

What do you do for a living?

I dine upon the life force of ecstatic individuals via my many talented appendages. Oh, you refer to that confounding exchange of paper humans do. I’ve never had much need for it in my centuries of existence.

Greatest disappointment?

That is not yours to know. It happened four hundreds years ago and, besides, I no longer care. It was the witch’s fault in the first place.

Greatest source of joy?

Smearing the butter of peanuts between two toaster pastries then battering and deep frying it all.

What do you do to entertain yourself or have fun?

My bond seems to believe I should keep her preferred positions close to my chest. Aside from the other three men who know and enjoy them. What time I have that is not spent in erotic devotion I spend on the game Galactic Sheep Wars. I’ve nearly become Emperor of the entire Paddock star system.

What keeps you awake at night?

Sins do not sleep, both literally and metaphorically. I spend the hours of midnight until dawn, when not ravaging my bond in bed, trying my claws at new skills and hobbies.

What is the most pressing problem you have at the moment?

Keeping my bond from letting her weeping heart put herself in mortal danger. If it’s not the dangerous Mr. White, it’s a vengeful werewolf pack, a water genie, or the witch hunters all trying to harm her.

Is there something that you need or want that you don’t have? For yourself or for someone important to you?

What could a sin want other than someone to ply? What a foolish question. I’ve never wanted for anything. From the very moment I spawned into this world against my wishes, I’ve taken all that I could need. Want. Ha. Wandering lonely through this forgetting world is all I could ever want.

Why don’t you have it? What is in the way?


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