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Steamy Saturday — Demon Healing

WARNING! A Five-Chili Steamy Scene Lurks Below!
If you aren’t ready for your phone to catch on fire, click away.

In this excerpt from the first Coven of Desire book, Layla heals herself after her incubus saved her and brought her to the hospital. She thanks him the best way she knows how.

🌶️ MF
🌶️ Witty Banter
🌶️ Sandwiches

The second the marker finished its twirling loop to end the symbol, relief flooded through my leg. I’d tried to not stare too closely at the bruised and puckered flesh they’d stapled together. But it was hard to look anywhere else while drawing my spell.

“Oh fucking god,” I cried, straining my wounded leg into the air. As the magical balm swirled around my inner thigh, the massive knot in my entire body finally released. Going from unavoidable agony to endless bliss was more intoxicating than any orgasm. My body slumped back onto the couch, only for Ink to catch me.

I stared up into his distractingly handsome face in awe. “How didn’t the nurses throw themselves at your feet?” slipped from my softening lips and I reached up to touch his.

Ink chuckled, catching my fingers before I could bat at his too stupidly perfect mouth. He wrapped my hands safe in his, massaging over the knuckles while saying, “My charms do not work on everyone.”

That idea sobered me up. Okay, not entirely as I kept staring agog at him. “There are people immune to incubuses? Incubi? Sex gods?”

His laugh rolled down the chest that’d been trapped in clothing for three whole days. He had to be chafing under there. With a smile, Ink placed my fingertips to his lips and gave a soft kiss. “You’d be surprised how many do not glance twice at me.” He moved to kissing my knuckles, each touch warm and soft. “Cast me aside because their hearts are already wound up with another, be it a person, place, or fervid interest.”

“That doesn’t bother you? Make you want to chase them more?”

“Why ever would I? Do you prefer the steak that’s presented to you cooked, or would you rather jump out of a car and pursue a steer on foot?”

It’s not about feelings or even a challenge with him. It’s just food. Delectable, mouth-watering, impossibly attractive food. The entire time in the hospital I was dead from the waist down, metaphorically speaking. But the second I’m back in my apartment resting on Ink’s lap while he seductively licks my fingers, I want nothing more than to rip his clothes off.

Does that make me the steak?

Another burst of relief shivered through me. The entire muscle the werewolf had shredded to kibble knit back together below my skin. I rode out the wave of pleasure, curling my toes and tipping farther back until my head rested on Ink’s thighs. He wasted no time in perking up, the mountain in his pants nearly pressing to my cheek.

He did save me. Found me where no one else could. Stayed by my side night and day until we were safe behind closed doors. Would I do the same for a sandwich, even one I really enjoyed eating?

“Thank you,” I whispered.

My words so surprised him that he stopped his tender kisses around my wrists. I placed my hand against his chest and undid the buttons. They all but fell apart with a single touch, the tips of my fingers dancing through the demonic chest hair below.

At Ink’s continual stare of confusion, I said, “You didn’t have to stay with me in the hospital.”

Snickering, he said, “Where else would I have gone? The meager gift shop did not even have an herbalism section.”

“Uh-huh.” I shifted, pulling myself up until I sat in his lap. Ink always managed to get his hand right over my ass in any situation, and this was no different. I leaned closer to him. The fire in his eyes burst to life and my body responded in anticipation.

“What would you have gotten me, if there was a pile of herbs instead of balloons with get-well messages?”
He caressed his other hand over the cheap T-shirt Dana had lent me. Starting at my belly, he swept his fingers back and forth over my skin in delicious torture. Leaning forward until his nose bumped into mine, Ink whispered, “Wolfsbane.”

I kissed him with every sinful thought perched on my tongue. How I wanted his hands to pinch and knead every inch of my skin. His teeth to nip and nibble over my breasts. His cheek to rub against my inner thigh without worrying about a sharp pain.

Until I wanted that too.

Suddenly, Ink tossed me into the air. I crashed back down with my legs splayed right over his crotch. His laugh rolled like thunder cracking through the gates of hell, and I loved it.

“Are you comfortable in this delectable position?” he asked, darting his gaze to my naked thigh. A pair of panties kept him parted from what he wanted most, but it didn’t last long. He tugged on the inseam elastic with his thumb, causing me to squirm and bite my lip for more.

“No problem,” I said, sweeping my arms over his shoulders until I could wind my fingers through his hair. Tugging his head back, I pressed my thighs together, trapping his hand right where I needed it.

“What about you?”

Ink scoffed. “My stamina is in question?” Even with that wound to his ego, he slipped his fingers farther into my panties. Only the barest whisper caressed over my soaked lips.

Nuzzling his cheek with my nose, I moaned. “You’re trapped in those dreaded pants and can’t get free with me in your lap.”

“I am a sin of lust,” he thundered, nipping up my jaw until he swirled his tongue over my ear. “Trousers are no challenge at all.”

Yes! I rolled my hand down the non-challenging pants, pressing my palm to his cock that never slept. Ink nibbled his way down my throat while he kept teasing me with his finger swirl. I reached for his zipper to—