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Thirsty Thursday — Mr. Clean

Every Thursday I share a hot guy you can download & a review to thirst over

Get down and dirty with Mr. Clean who’s here to scrub and mop wherever you want.

Review from Madeline’s Park

Grab your copy and see what happens in this story about second chances, rescuing kittens, and sexy firemen.”


1 thought on “Thirsty Thursday — Mr. Clean”

  1. His face reminds me of an old boyfriend, who was kind of a jerk. But I don’t need to look that high to say, “YUM!” I’ve always told my husband that the only thing sexier than a shirtless man snuggling a tiny baby, is a man with or without shirt, holding a toilet brush, while he scrubs in there. It means he loves me enough to share the “shit-work.” And that’s a man who deserves to be rewarded–big time! LOL.


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