First Kiss Friday

First Kiss Friday

Today’s first kiss is from Condemned by Secrets by Blye Donovan

A suspenseful, slow-burn romance between a cocky cop and the new girl in town.

Lightning from the storm in his eyes flashed at her, and his voice was strangled as he begged. “Kiss me, Anna.”

Luther’s hands caressed her back and sent shivers down her body. Standing on her toes, Anna leaned into him. As her chest pressed against his firmness, a bolt of heat arrowed to her core, making her whimper. Closing her eyes against the feeling, she searched for Luther’s lips with her own.

When they connected, the thunderstorm she’d seen in his eyes erupted. Luther growled and grabbed her, lifting her up until he had her legs wrapped around his waist. With her back pressed into the door, he devoured her with the force of a hurricane, and she was helpless to do anything but let the wind and rain barrage her.

His tongue swept inside her mouth, and he tasted familiar, almost . . . like candy. He caught her lip between his teeth and sucked. Anna moaned, and he answered by moving his hands to her breasts. Her head fell back on a groan when he caressed her nipples.

What was he doing to her? It felt too good.

Her skirt was bunched around her hips, and when she arched her back, pressing her center to his, a bolt of heat pierced her. She gasped, and Luther swallowed it with his lips and tasted her some more.

A kiss? She’d never been kissed like this. There was a pressure building within her, and she thought if he didn’t stop, it might burst.

“Luther!” Anna tore her mouth free. Her breath rushed over her swollen lips as she searched for the eye of the storm in his dark gaze. She needed a measure of calm, a quiet port, to understand what was happening.

He blinked and dropped his forehead to hers. His breathing was labored, but his voice was gentle when he spoke. “Sweet. You taste so sweet, Anna.”