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Thorns is Coming!

Blurb Reveal for Thorns, Coven of Desire 7

Layla’s trapped between a Stone and a hard place.

Witchcraft, nursing studies, and the gig economy are wearing Layla down. Luckily, she has her guys to help—a cuddle angel, a romantic ghost, an ornery incubus, and her sweet boyfriend werewolf. Unbeknownst to Layla, Cal’s planning on popping the question, assuming Ink doesn’t pawn the ring before he can ask her.

A knock at their door pulls Layla from her proposal dinner. A dying Stone, the witch hunter who’d once kidnapped her, falls into her arms.

Raul Stone is having a very bad day. After his mentor, savior, and boss shot him in the heart, he has to go crawling to the witch that escaped him. No matter how many healing potions, the hole in his chest won’t close. Dying on the werewolf’s pizza-stained couch, Stone can’t do anything to stop the incubus from threatening to kill him for good. His final Hail Mary is revealing that the witch hunters, and his boss, are working in cahoots with Mr. White.

Why are the witch hunters working with a horseman? What are they doing in the woods with giant boulders and blood? Can Stone be trusted or is this all an elaborate trap by Conquest to make good on his promise to catch Layla? Will Layla’s caring heart finally doom her or can she and her guys outsmart them all and save Stone in the process?


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8 thoughts on “Thorns is Coming!”

  1. OOH! I can’t wait for more of Ink and the boys! But this series isn’t listed on your GR page as a series. I’m a librarian. PM me and either you can do it, or I can fix that for you.

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  2. OK, sweetie. I just added it as a series to your GR page. But Ink is showing as the first book, while Claw is showing COD # 1. Hopefully readers won’t be confused. I can’t wait for the new one! Any chance to revisit Ink and the other guys just makes my whole day!


    1. Thanks so much! I don’t know what to do about Ink. It both is and isn’t the start of the series. Sigh. My little red-demon weirdo book.


      1. What about the Duke story? Was that just a freebie for your devoted fans? Oh, and I added Son of Krampus to the Holidays series also, while I was there.


      2. But he’s been growing as a person–er, demon? Embracing his humanity–er, whatever. I didn’t like him much at first. Now I’d gladly dump Cal for Ink! LOL. But having them BOTH, along with the other guys? Where do I sign up?

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