First Kiss Friday

First Kiss Friday

Today’s first kiss comes from He Has Charm by Stephanie Queen

Bad boy hockey player falls for his agent handler against all the rules

“We don’t have a thing.” Panic wells with the intense pleasure spreading through my belly, tightening my chest.

“Sure we do. I get a zing every time I look at those gorgeous eyes of yours or take a deep breath of your scent. I can’t place it, or describe it, but it knocks me sideways like a good hip check.” 

“Don’t be ridiculous.” I barely stop myself from an indulgent giggle.

“That’s all you got? Not much of a denial.” His eyes see right through me and I shiver. He grins at my telltale response.

“No,” I insist, forcing conviction into my voice. “There’s nothing—” 

“Yes, there is. And I can prove it. If you’ll let me. Or you can prove me wrong—if you’ll let me.”

“Let you?” 
He nods, his eyes softening and hypnotic with their sensual pull as he moves close, leaning his head down toward mine. And even though I should, I don’t move. Not one single muscle. I don’t even take a breath.

His mouth touches my temple in a soft kiss of my sensitive skin, and though it’s a breathy, warm kiss, the effect is a shock to my system that sends a shiver of need racing down my spine. After the initial jolt I pull back, putting as much distance as possible between us as I look around to see if anyone saw us.