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Steamy Saturday — Reef Ramming

WARNING! A Five-Chili Steamy Scene Lurks Below!
If you aren’t ready for your phone to catch on fire, click away.

This steamy excerpt involves two hot mermen, one excited and willing woman, and a lot of exploring in the warm Caribbean sea.

🌶️ MMF
🌶️ Ornery Prince
🌶️ Stoic Bodyguard
🌶️ Mermen Oral
🌶️ Watching Men Get Off

“My turn?” Enki asked. Joanna shifted to place her lips on his, but the prince slid to his stomach on the sand. He began to crawl forward when he paused and glanced back at the pond. “An idea strikes my fancy.”

The man continually sweeping his hands over every available acre of Joanna’s flesh followed the prince’s look. Namhu smiled wide, his head bobbing at whatever Enki had planned. “An interesting idea.”

“What is? What do I…?” Jo watched as Enki hopped to his feet and leaped into the lapping seawater. She twisted her head to the side, catching Namhu also rising.

“Can you stand?” the serious man asked while watching Joanna struggle to stick a leg out.

“I’m not sure.” All the blood drained from her feet in order to pool in her cheeks and belly. She wobbled in the next attempt, nearly falling face-first to the sand when warm arms swept her up.

Namhu carried her towards the water’s edge, Jo’s heart thumping while those tales of murderous mermaids once again rose in her imagination. But as she spotted Enki’s sopping green locks rising from the dark depths, her panic calmed. Locking her hands around the back of Namhu’s neck, Jo pulled herself up to kiss his lips. So distracted, he couldn’t try to overpower her, the man trembling from her tender tastes.

At the edge of the water, Namhu plummeted to his knees even while lapping his tongue around hers. Joanna shrieked in surprise, her feet dipping into the cool water. Webbed fingers glided along her ankles, Enki tugging her deeper and deeper into his domain. Jo pulled in a breath, preparing to slip under the surface, when Namhu hooked his hands to her waist to stop her.

She floated with only her lower belly and legs distended in the water, Namhu quickly wrapping his chest to her back. While Jo was first distracted by that cock sweeping against her back, it was Enki pulling himself up by her legs that yanked her away.

Gripping to her ankles, he straddled her legs wider apart so his head could sweep up her bobbing thighs. Lips pressed kisses to chase away the chill, Jo staring down at the watery face rising from the inky depths. There was no concern of drowning, no fear in his eyes — only serenity as he placed one kiss to the right crease of her thigh and another to the left.

When his hands wound around her bobbing buttocks, Enki swam closer and his lips plunged to her. To that part of her she was supposed to hold sacred for only her would-be husband. That which she found herself ecstatic to share. Jo babbled in surprise, her fingers gripping to Enki’s verdant hair as her heart cried at the wonders he created inside her. How the tender swoop of his lips pressing and sucking upon her folds shook her to the core. How his wily tongue, now capable of twisting into a spiral against her pearl, sent her panting for relief.

Namhu sucked on her neck while Enki sucked upon her being. Hands plucked on her nipples; they had to be Namhu’s for the strength and confidence in each pull, but Jo couldn’t be certain. Her eyes shut tight, her breath hitching in her chest as her body strained higher and higher in this impossible pleasure.

A great splash of water snapped her sight open and she watched Enki’s glittering green tail lay out over the surface. All the while, the man kept sucking and licking upon her with his head submerged. His gentle tongue bobbed with the waves, flickering to send her sparking, then lulling to a soft kiss. Jo wanted to cry, to plead with him to press harder, to push her over the edge, but then Namhu would grind against her, his cock straining against her skin and she never wanted it to end.

“Are you ready?” Namhu whispered in her ear, one hand pooling along her belly as the other plied her breast.
For what? Jo’s blue eye stared at him, her brown taking in the merman sucking upon her quivering lips without pause. She had no idea what either one wanted, but her heart pleaded with her to take the option gifted. Nodding her head, she gasped, “Yes.”

A surprisingly shy smile flitted across Namhu’s solid lips. His hands cupped along her waterlogged hips and hefted her out of the sea. The loss of the prince’s lips was great, Joanna staring in dejection at the impish grin upon Enki’s face. It wasn’t until she felt her bottom perched upon Namhu’s thighs that the pieces of what came next fell into place.

One of his sturdy palms left her hips in order to grab his overtly endowed cock. Slowly, he guided it and Joanna together. Namhu swirled the tip around her soaked vulva, erupting more panting from the woman astride his lap. She stretched her legs wider, aching for the pierce that’d free her from the shackles of maidenhood.

But Namhu didn’t force himself inside. His thumb hooked inside her, testing the stretch and, as gentle as a wave, he pushed an inch of himself into her. “Mercy,” the man cried behind her, his teeth biting down on Jo’s shoulder. She shivered at the fullness stretching her apart from inside, the warmth pulsing and pressing against her inner cushions she’d only dare test herself in the past year. God, she wanted more, but Jo was uncertain if she could handle it.

The sound of splashing caused her to look up. Enki’s tail slapped the water, his elbows digging across the sand until they pushed against Namhu’s trembling thighs. “Allow me to help,” the prince purred and he dipped down with tongue fully extended. It slurped not only across Jo’s exposed pearl, but clear down to Namhu’s dangling sac. Whenever Enki made contact, the man holding her upon his spear babbled in the same oceanic tongue and quivered.

With every tender lick from Enki, Jo’s insides loosened and she began to slide down Namhu’s cock. The man’s pleas and cries grew more urgent with every new inch of her surrounding him. At first, he hugged tight to her, his cheek pressing to her back as if she was his salvation. But as she came to rest as tight to the hilt as she thought she could, his palms swept back up her breasts.

Enki’s tongue picked up speed, the tip darting around her pearl’s hood with enviable dexterity while Namhu enlivened her nipples and gave the smallest thrust with his hips. It rocked Jo into Enki, the pulse and pressure ramping up the heat burning through her body. Her spine was liquid metal, her hair white. Her teeth snapped and clacked from the two men tending to her in a way no one ever could.

“Christ’s Blood!” Joanna screamed, her head slamming back as her entire body erupted in pleasure. There was no tiny tingle as she knew while trying to find solace in a lonely bed. This wracked through her loins, knotting her legs around Enki’s head, and sent her arms flailing behind to scratch at Namhu’s chest. All the while the stoic man kept flexing his cock, every jut of his hips knocking another delectable tremor through Jo’s body.

Enki dug himself out of her body crumpling to try and preserve this pleasure, a smile stretching clear across his face as he gazed up at Joanna clinging to Namhu for dear life. “I love the feel of a woman coming apart at my tongue.”

The man still inside her snorted once, his finger cupping her jaw to pull her lips to his. As they kissed, she felt his hands guide her off his lap. A sucking sound preceded her loss of him, Joanna gulping out of fear that she wasn’t found worthy enough. But in an instant, Namhu twisted her around in the sand.

She landed upon her back, the man’s arms supporting her legs around his hips as he gazed down in wonder. On his knees, he crawled to her, his eyes drifting from her raised cunt to her face and back. All the while, he worried his hands back and forth over her trembling thighs.

Enthralled with the cock slicked in her arousal, Jo watched as he paused before her, the pair waiting to be reintroduced. It was Joanna who reached forward, who wrapped her hand around him and guided him into her.

This time, Namhu thrust fully inside without any preamble. She groaned at both the fit and the strain, but a touch of discomfort was worth it as the man began to thrust inside her. Sweat dripped down Namhu’s chest, the droplets sheering off as if his skin was watertight while Joanna licked her lips. His fingers flexed deeper into her ass, hauling her tighter to him as he thrust into her.

She was so lost in Namhu’s reddening face, his teeth biting on his lip to keep focused, Jo missed Enki. The prince jumped from the water, his tail disintegrating into that curved cock of before now leaping from between his legs. It was to Namhu he approached, his chest slotting around the man’s back, hands swerving to cup the bodyguard’s pecs.

Enki licked around Namhu’s ear, whispering loudly, “You are delectable.” As the hands slid down to pinch at Namhu’s nipples, both men groaned from the depths of the ocean. “Shall I?” Enki asked, and Namhu shuddered, his head nodding desperately.

The thrusting paused, though his cock remained inside Joanna who bared down while watching. Every flex of her internal muscles brought a gulp to Namhu’s throat and a grin to her lips. Enki guided his cock to the back of Namhu, the smaller man having to push Namhu down to reach. As Joanna fell too, her inner fit changed, leaving her straining even harder at the mass inside.

“Let me…” Enki said, his hand swooping over Namhu’s lower belly. She couldn’t see what he was doing, but watching Enki close his eyes and suckle in air as Namhu winced then sputtered in joy, Jo knew. Once safely inside his lover and bodyguard, Enki finished his sentence, “…take the lead.”

It was he who thrust into Namhu, who then thrust into Jo. Two men, two cocks, working in perfect synchronization to push her beyond. “My, my, my,” Enki whispered, his warm eyes wafting over the pair he had command of.

Namhu’s striking eyes were locked up tight, the man’s entire body flexing, veins rising from biceps, pectorals, thighs. Every inch of his naked body strained from the man pumping into him…and the woman wrapped around him.

God save her, but the tenderness and eroticism of watching one man in another… Jo cried out, another tremor of pleasure shivering from her loins. It was perfect until it tried to clamp onto the cock thrusting inside of her. The cries of adulation shifted to pain in an instant as if the orgasm sewed misery in its wake.

Snapping open, Namhu’s eyes stared down at her trying to grit her teeth to keep going. It was he who rubbed his hand along the back of Enki’s and said, “Hold a moment.”

Leaning forward, Namhu gently guided himself free of Joanna. The loss this time left behind a deeper sting inside of her, and she noticed a drop of blood upon the cock that drew it. “She is not ready…” Namhu said first to Enki, then his ice-grey eyes burned in Jo, “yet.”

“Mmm,” Enki purred, tipping back with the lover in his arms. Jo leaned up on her elbows, watching as the prince thrust with the full power of his hips into Namhu. “I so adore when you make plans.”

Namhu chuckled when Enki enveloped his palm around the man’s cock. Using Jo’s arousal, Enki began to stroke the man he was inside. Both of them spoke in guttural noises, their clicks broken up by panting. Enki’s green hair caught the waning firelight as he whipped his head back and forth while clinging to the tempo.

It was Namhu who was shaking, his entire being falling to pieces as his body trembled in the prince’s care. Enki’s hand pumped determinedly up and down that vast shaft, every pop of the crown through the prince’s grip leaving Namhu gasping. And Joanna watched enraptured. Her heart quickened at the sight, her exhausted loins dripping arousal down her thighs at the two men enjoying themselves without abandon.

“Enki, Enki,” Namhu cried. Before he could finish his plea, white fluid shot from the cock in the prince’s hand. It arced clear across the sand to land upon the burning driftwood. Jo stared in amazement at the sizzling semen, while Enki grunted thrice more and then gave his own gasp of pleasure. In an instant, both men crumbled in exhaustion. The prince curled up on his side, his feet dipping back to the water to revive the tail.

While Namhu, the taciturn bodyguard, the man that had scared Joanna to her core then brought it to life, crawled across the sand and cupped her face in his hands. Pulling her to him, he whispered as if the fear laid upon his very soul, “I promise, I will be more gentle.”

Catching her hand around his supporting wrist, Jo leaned closer, “As long as there is a next time.” When the smile rose upon his lips, she caught him in a devouring kiss.


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