First Kiss Friday

First Kiss Friday

Today’s first kiss comes from Amy’s Hunt by Catherine Peace

To save her cousin, Amy recruits the hot wolf shifter whose Alpha brother might kill them all.

When Marrok let her go, she forced herself not to slump with relief. He didn’t move back, though, and his attention wavered between her mouth and her eyes. Then he sighed and started to pull away, but she grabbed his arm and pulled him to her. What the hell she was doing she didn’t know. Maybe she’d become a danger junky along the way. Maybe she just hated the rejection she’d dealt with, the years of dead ends and the ever-present terror that she was too late. Whatever it was, his hard body against hers sent a wave of need, desire, and something else she refused to acknowledge through her. She glared at him, attempting to tamp down the attraction to a stupidly sexy bookworm who just happened to be part of the tribe that had taken her aunt all those years ago, and she failed. Time to stop thinking for a minute. Without hesitation, she pressed her lips to his in a bruising kiss.

One of his hands tangled in her hair and the other rested at the small of her back. His tongue forced its way into her mouth, and she let him think he had control. This game, she could play until she died. Confuse the enemy. Desire was a powerful weapon.
With a hard bite to his lower lip, she broke the kiss and stepped back, ignoring the full-body tingle. “Now you can go.”

The corners of his mouth lifted in a small smile. “You are not like any swan I’ve ever met.”

“I’m taking that as a compliment.” She curled her fingers around the butt of the gun again. “Now shoo before you start sheddin’ everywhere. This place is pet-free, and I’m not paying a fine.”