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Steamy Saturday — Library Demon

WARNING! A Five-Chili Steamy Scene Lurks Below!
If you aren’t ready for your phone to catch on fire, click away.

For this week’s steamy Saturday, Ink tracks down Layla in the library and takes advantage of the empty stacks.

🌶️ MF
🌶️ Silent Quickie
🌶️ Panty Stealing
🌶️ Book Banging

Why did I let him take my panties? Why did he even want them in the first place?

Were they like a receipt? Proof that he finished the job he was hired for? Or did he want a trophy like serial killers. ‘Here’s the vast ocean of panties from the women I’ve conquered. Mwhahahaha!’

I sounded insane.

Running my fingers along the spines of the dusty books, I yanked out whatever they found while trying to calm myself down. In the list of shit you’ve pulled over the years, banging a man in exchange for money is pretty low. Not like I even paid for him. It was all Dana’s doing. A birthday gift, with the most knee-shaking bow on it.

The smell of bonfires filled my nose, and a heat hotter than a furnace rose behind me. When a palm curled around my waist, I told myself it had to be another flight of fancy. Until a voice spoke. “You know why I took them.”

“Fuck!” I gasped, leaping off the floor. Doing so made the book I was fiddling with fall off. “What are you doing here?” I whispered to the man who held my hip. Who rolled his other hand around my ass. Shit…

That award-worthy cock pressed against my lower back, Ink trailing it along my spine, perhaps to highlight how hard it was. “I’d say the answer is clear,” he whispered in my ear, setting off an explosion of goosebumps.

I clenched my toes and focused on the dropped book. Trying to forget the man who must have followed me, I bent over to pick it up and return it. The tome of demons and myths fumbled in my hands as Ink grabbed tight to my hips. He raised my ass higher, his body sliding directly behind as if he intended to fuck me right then.
“How did you find me?” I said, struggling to cling to my anger. While it was possible he knew I was a student, courtesy of Dana, he’d still stalked me into the back of the library. He’d placed his hands all over me, whispered in my ear. And I wanted him to do more.

I stood, removing my skirted butt from his cock. Ink didn’t seem bothered as he reached from behind to take the retrieved book. While he placed it on the shelf, he drew his other hand across my belly. Ink worried his palm along the hem of my shirt and kept dipping his fingers under the fabric. Each touch started another moan I struggled to swallow.

Somewhere deep in my brain, that last shred of my intelligence wondered why I wasn’t scared. I should have been screaming at the top of my lungs and running for a librarian with an ax. While in his grip I felt ecstatic, confused, worried and aroused. Fear never came into play. Why?

Ink placed enough pressure on my sides that I began to spin on my toes. Fuck, he was hot. I’d forgotten just how chiseled his jaw was. How wide those shoulders were. How rock hard everything on him was.

“I see you found some pants,” I said, coughing through the cotton in my throat. While I was sad to see the satiny briefs gone, the crimson shirt with three buttons undone tailored to his body and the pitch-black pants hugging his legs were nice. And less likely to get him arrested in the library.

Ink glanced down a moment at his attire as if he’d forgotten he wore it. Then those whiskey flames homed in on me, and my brain shattered. “I am here,” he rumbled in his baritone. Ink caressed my jaw while rolling up my skirt. The same hand that’d stolen my panties he now caressed along my naked thigh. He stepped closer, his sharp nose glancing against my cheek. Hot lips breathed over my cheek and he said, “Because you wanted me.”

Fully out of sense, I kissed him. I thrust myself into his arms, my breasts smashing against his chest. A sharp tack tried to stab into my mind, but it was fog. All it knew was the flame flickering through my core. The brimstone scent, the nutty musk taste and the rough skin rolling below mine ensnared my brain until I was the one undoing his fly.

Ink jerked his hips closer, splaying apart my thighs with his. A gasp burst between our kissing, and he smirked at me reacting to his force. No, it was how badly he needed me. How much I wanted him.

My head snapped back, Ink yanking my hair wadded in his fist. He tugged once more, parting my mouth in shock. Suddenly, he plunged down and took control of my tongue with his. It took nothing for him to guide me where he wanted, biting down on my lip. With the tip of his tongue, he coaxed mine out of hiding by corkscrewing around it. Damn!

With a single hand, Ink palmed my bare ass then hefted me off the ground. Books dug into my back, their old spines pressing like bamboo canes, before they tumbled to the sides to make way for my buttocks as a new bookend. The sound of their fall broke over our sucking and panting and Ink paused.

The pressure tugging on the roots of my hair released and he pulled his hand up while clinging desperately to my slipping ass. With a quirk to his mouth, the Cupid’s bow practically bent in half, he placed his finger to my lips.

“Shhhh,” he whispered, shaking off his pants then pulling out the cock that never seemed to take a break. Ink dug his thumbs into my thighs, pressing harder into the soft muscle as he stretched me wider.

Looming above me, his face eclipsed the light so he was only a shadow of crimson and black. In a voice that’d chill a grave, he ordered, “Don’t make a sound,” and thrust inside. My mouth flew open, a scream of ecstasy rising until it perched on my tongue. But before it could be set loose and bring a flurry of librarians down upon us, I caught his gaze. The fires in his eyes burned through the shadows, and I swallowed my cry.

Nuzzling my neck, Ink began to grind. He guided my legs around his waist so he was free to slip his hands under my shirt and bra. Oh fuck! The bucking increased, his cock stuffing me until I wanted to burst. I crammed my knuckles into my mouth and bit down, trying to mute the new scream as my body rampaged to orgasm fast.

“Not a peep,” Ink warned in my ear, the heat of his breath twisting with the fire raging through me. Or what? Would he stop? Give up and leave me soaked, aching and confused? Or would he make this last even longer until my mind snapped?

I dug tighter to his hips, locking my ankles under his ass. With that leverage, I pulled him deeper into me. This time he gasped, his head tossed to the side as he moaned from the bottom of his chest. All the while, he kept up his professional talent at teasing and thrilling my nipples until the burning energy filled my entire body.

Sweat dripped down my legs that clung to him for dear life. One kept slipping, then the other. I scrambled to hold tight, to give in to the pleasure flooding through me. Ink paused, retracting his hands from my breasts. I struggled to sit up, to ask what he was doing, when he clamped down on my ankles and yanked them to his shoulders.

“Holy—” I started, and a palm clasped to my mouth. My wide eyes stared up at him, but I could barely focus through the feel of his cock reaching up to my stomach. He couldn’t be that deep inside. But I swear I felt it. Down the full length of my abdominals, his stroke caressed them. His thrust shook through my soul, my spine lighting up as if every nerve begged for more.

Ink began to tip back too, tugging my legs with him, all while he kept thrusting. The massive breadth of him plunged through me, striking bundles of nerves I didn’t even know I had. Books flew from the shelves, dusty tomes on werewolves and witches striking the floor as an incubus rode me hard.