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Ember’s coming early!

Good news!

Ember, the last Happily Ever Austen book, is now coming October 10th.

Ember tries to build love in others around her. A reality show changes everything.

Constructing Love is the first reality show to combine home improvement with romance. Ember Woodhouse can’t wait to cast her matchmaking magic while charming America as she designs the interior of an abandoned autumn resort. Harriet Smith is an adorable country bumpkin in desperate need to Ember’s help to win the entire show. Everything goes perfectly to plan until Ember finds herself partnered with the infuriating deadweight that is Mr. Knightley.

Booker Knightley is exhausted with the show, with the producers, with life, and particularly with his partner. He thought his construction background would make winning this easy. No one told him he was also expected to woo a woman driving him mad. Miss Woodhouse is flighty and stubborn, ignoring reality in favor of her delusions of romance. He couldn’t care less about love, much less the impossibility of finding it while cameras document his every breath. Booker has his own reasons for being on this show, reasons that are in jeopardy thanks to Miss Woodhouse and the scheming producers.

As the autumn leaves fall and the days grow shorter, Booker and Ember have a choice to make. If Booker doesn’t learn to work with her, he’ll lose his last opportunity to bring justice to his family. If Ember can’t figure out how to agree with him, her fledgling design business will crash before it took wing. One thing is certain, Miss Woodhouse will never, ever care for Mr. Knightley.

~The Happily Ever Austen series ends this fall~