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Save The Date

You are cordially invited to the release of the eighth Coven of Desire book, Veil, on January 23rd, 2024.

Sadly, I can’t reveal anything about Veil before you read Thorns in August. It’s just nothing but spoilers!

If you’re behind on the Coven of Desire series, you can read them all in KU.

Series Order

Look forward to the Thorn’s cover reveal on May 10th!

3 thoughts on “Save The Date”

  1. Your Coven of Desire books are auto-buy for me! I’ve read so many of your books, and to your credit, they’re all distinct and different. Believe me, I’ve been SO disappointed in authors who basically write the same story, with the same heroine/hero dynamic in every book they publish. Yours are all different. I love you for that!


    1. Thanks so much! I try to make varying characters with each book, though I’m sure some of me always slips inside of them. If I don’t do different things my muse gets bored and I won’t finish writing the first draft. I have to keep it entertained or else.

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