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Steamy Saturday — Fae Bath

WARNING! A Five-Chili Steamy Scene Lurks Below!
If you aren’t ready for your phone to catch on fire, click away.

Scott, a lost fae prince, enjoys a bath with the human he pulled into his fairy world—Jenny.

🌶️ MF
🌶️ Hot Fae Prince
🌶️ Soapy Suds Time

“Am I doing this right?” her voice curled against my ear. Warm water scented with cinnamon and maple sugar rippled around our naked chests. A wet sponge curled down my spine and I shivered to my toes. While I didn’t approve of being unable to see her, the touch of her soothing hand was helping to make up for the slight.

“I don’t think there’s any way to get it wrong,” I said trying to not laugh at her.

“I’ve never washed the back of a man with wings before.”

Turning around, I swam through the bathing pond to wrap my hands around her. I started at the hips, curvy in the dress and dangerous in the nude. Rising higher, I brushed my palms into the indent of her waist. All the while, I met her eye to eye.

We’d shared each other’s bodies many times, slept beside each other at my instance. Yet, with her wet hair plastered to her back, her skin erupting in goosebumps and dew clinging to her cheeks, the intimacy of the moment struck.

“May I?” I asked, holding my hand out for the sponge. Jenny shrugged and passed it over.

I drew it through the water, saturating it until the sponge tripled in size. Before I raised it, I said, “Close your eyes.”

Her lips quirked in wry amusement, but she did as told. Holding the sponge above her head, I twisted it into a corkscrew. Water rained down her body, each drop highlighting a spot I wanted to kiss. She leaped at the first touch but settled in as I gave another shower above her hair.

“I have never,” I began while dabbing the sponge along her collarbone. “…washed a woman before.” Slowly, I swept my hand and the sponge around the side of her breast. Jenny pulled in a breath, amplifying her bosom. Save me from those nipples straining against her bust, I couldn’t stop from curling the sponge over the pair. My fingers dipped deeper into the sponge, squeezing through it to elicit a gasp from her.

Her eyes opened at that and I returned the sponge to the water. As it filled, she watched me. “Not even with your…with her?”

I placed the sponge between her breasts, watched it spread out across her sternum and separate what I couldn’t take my eyes off of. “No,” my voice whispered and I drifted down to her stomach. Both my hand and the sponge slipped under the water pooling between us.

When I reached the top of her thigh, my palm worrying through the practically useless sponge, her crossed legs spread wider. An invitation…?

Heat burned in her gaze, which she pinned upon me.

No, it was a request.

“What about another…human?” Jenny asked even as I dragged the sponge along her inner thigh. I sat up higher, my fist planting into the mosaics below us to aid in my reach. Drawing my thumb along the crease in her thighs, I watched her shiver in place.

“Would you believe that you were my first?” I breathed while swiping a single finger forward. It tumbled through her dark pubic hair before slipping into her.

Her head tipped back, her lips spread in joy as she panted. “What?” she gasped. Then, when I rolled the tip of my finger over her clit, she chose a more guttural cry.

Brushing my nose along the underside of her chin, I traced her beautiful jaw until my lips whispered above hers. “How was I supposed to know that you carried the same…” My finger swirled through her, amplifying her moans and my own hardening cock. “…delectable bits?”

Her squirming paused and she stared me dead in the eye. “The internet, duh.” Laughing, Jenny wrapped her arms around my body and the two of us plunged back into the water. I lashed out to stop on instinct, my wings yanking our naked bodies into the air. All the while, I kneaded her ass as she wrapped her legs around me. How I ached to fuck her in the air.

A chill sweeping across the open forest struck our soaked bodies, both of us gasping in shock. In an instant, I dropped us back into the pond, but the ache didn’t evaporate. With Jenny enveloped around me, I dashed through the water to find the wall’s lip. I felt her heat nearly slipping onto me, my cock nestling whenever it could find. All the while we kissed, the passion blinding me until her body crushed tighter in my arms.

My hands lashed out, fingers digging into the stoneground lip of the tub. “Open your legs,” I begged, my hips thrusting of their own accord.

“So bossy,” Jenny said with a laugh. A ping of regret began to rise through me when she plunged her hand between us and drew it along my aching cock. Happy to be in the palm of her hand, I let her guide me forward into her.


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