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Steamy Saturday — Demon Bonds

WARNING! A Five-Chili Steamy Scene Lurks Below!
If you aren’t ready for your phone to catch on fire, click away.

Layla’s tired of Ink pulling his usual crap and she confronts him. The fireworks explode as Ink ties her up with her own robe.

🌶️ MF
🌶️ Demon Bondage
🌶️ Argument & Punishment

“What of our deal?” he asked.

The voice was softer and refined, so I risked a look back. All of that pompous twat shit was gone. Ink was the sharp-faced, handsome model I had come to expect.

“How has that changed?” I asked, waving my hands around like a mad cheerleader. He taught me witchcraft, not that he’d been much help with that lately. I’d feed him via sex…or that massive food bill he ran up every month.

Darkness rose in the whites of his eyes, but the irises remained amber and he didn’t put the wings back on. “Your pet ghost.”

“Are you jealous?”

Ink bridled. “I am infuriated, not jealous.”

“You cannot be…” I wanted to laugh at the suave, cold demon going all horns and declarations of doom because of Daniel. “You don’t give a shit about Cal.”

“The werewolf is more than capable of fulfilling your desires, but that unwashed stain on the mortal realm…” He muttered under his breath in another language. “I taste every desire he inflicts upon you.” Ink caught my robe’s shoulder and began to drag his hold lower. “How your mind churns with thoughts of what he must taste like, how his skin feels against yours, what his touch would do across the slope of your hips.”

“That…” I shifted in place as if that could wipe away the dirty thoughts I’d let roll around in my mind. “So?”

“Would you invite a starving man to a feast and only allow him to smell it? Every moment he shares the same room as you is torture.”

He sure as shit didn’t look tortured. With both hands locked to my arms, Ink tugged harder on my robe. It slipped farther apart until the collar grazed my nipples. Goosebumps rose across the whole of my décolletage that had nothing to do with the cold. His fiery gaze circled down my cleavage and he caught the robe’s tie. Rather than pull it apart, Ink gave a single little flick of the bow. “Your toy is a nuisance. A fly buzzing forever in my ear.”

“Funny, I could say the same about you most days.”

Bundling the whole of my hair in his fist, Ink yanked my head back until my gritted teeth nearly grazed his chin. He held me in place, his hot breath billowing over my face while he glanced his hand, fingertip by fingertip, from the bottom of my throat down my chest, past my breasts, until reaching the lone tie keeping my robe on.

“What…” Ink asked, then he grazed the edge of his teeth over my cheek. At my ear, he whispered, “…will you do with me?”

My scalp tingled where he yanked it, the sensation aiming right for my inner core. Ink toyed with the robe’s tie. He twirled the heavy end until it slapped against my leg, then did it again. Heat pooled between my thighs and up into my belly. I wanted to rip him to shreds for how he’d been acting, not just tonight but for months.

I grabbed his chin and pinned his smiling face. Tightening my fingers until my nails dug into his cheeks and up his jaw, I leveled his eyes right into mine. “You’re exhausting,” I said and wrapped my hand around his cock.

Ink ripped off the belt around my waist. He spun it to wrap around his hand while plunging his lips to mine. I kissed back just as hard, the anger boiling inside. I’d either fuck him or kill him—both options were on the table.

While he ran his tongue across mine, I jerked him off hard without a hint of lube. Ink didn’t stop me. No, he thrust his hips to help. Every rock sent his cock slapping against my belly. He didn’t care how fast I tugged on his skin—he only cared about it making me squirm.

I hated how hot that was.

“You like how I exhaust you,” Ink said. He snapped his hand and the terry cloth belt of my robe knotted around my wrist. I glared at his half-attempt at bondage and yanked my hand. The tether slipped through his fingers.

“It’s not gonna be that easy,” I said, shaking the falling belt away from him. I turned to step back and take the high ground, when Ink hooked his claws around the empty loops on my robe, and pulled me against him.

The breadth of his cock pressed my robe into my ass. His breath curled down my neck while he rubbed his chest against my back. I struggled to shake him off, but Ink already had the end of the belt. In a second, he knotted my other hand so my arms crossed over my chest, my palms flush to my biceps. I could do nothing but glare at empty space.

“What if I told you to stop?” I said, wanting to stew in my anger.

His touch caressed up my breasts, the thick robe unable to block the heat of his hands. Ink ground the bones of his hips against my ass and traced his palms along my sides and down my waist. “Do you want to?” His frisking stopped at the top of my thighs.

Yes. Tell him to fuck off. That you’ve had enough and need some air to think.

Ink’s fingers kept slipping under my robe until they nearly drew against my naked skin. Not because he was trying, but I was breathing hard, pushing my body against him. Every touch felt like the first drop of rain against a still pond. I traced the ripples down to my toes, my tongue buzzing for more of him.

Snarling, I spun in his grip. His cock nestled against my lower belly and the reminder of that goddamn magical wand sent me reeling. I walked forward, Ink having to take a step back. With only my shoulders for leverage, I shoved against his chest and he fell onto the bed.

“I fucking hate you,” I said and climbed on top of him.

Ink fluttered his fingers under my robe, first up the outside of my thighs, then down the inner skin. He didn’t scramble back even as I kept walking on my knees over him. He was the one in total control, no matter what. Always keeping shit back, playing games for his own reasons.

Latching onto my hips, Ink sat up from under me until his lips pressed to mine. “I don’t care,” he said and pulled me onto his cock.

“God damn it!” I cried, the whole of him puncturing through me. This wasn’t gentle, it wasn’t sweet. There wouldn’t be any cute playing. It was a hate fuck on both ends.

Ink slapped against my inner thigh with enough force I buckled, driving him even deeper. Holy shit! He pulsed inside of me, the crown of his cock thumping against the whole of my vagina. I braced for the jar of it hitting my cervix, but Ink dug his claws into my naked hips and hoisted me up.

I was practically off of him, only the tip left inside to sweep in a circle while Ink swung his hips. He laughed at me trapped just beyond his offerings and said, “So much unresolved tension rampaging through you with no release.”

From the side of the bed, Ink fished out the form of my destruction. Thirty patterns, ten different speeds, and he knew the exact one to drive me mad. Only the buzzing of the magic rabbit cut through the room as he placed it between my legs.

“Oh,” I began to moan, rocking for the toy’s vibrating silicone. Ink swerved it up and down my clit, pushing the strongest part right against the nerve ending, then yanking it away. My moans turned into whimpers as he kept doing it, all while his cock filled just that first inch. I kept clenching down, trying to will it deeper inside, and Ink laughed.

Was he torturing me? Trying to prove a fucking point?

Every rise of my orgasm was cut short by Ink. The bastard was in my head, in my body, he knew exactly how to keep me on that edge for hours. Rage burned hotter and I struggled to fight against the bonds. The ties pulled against my skin, my muscles bulging around the belt.

Ink ramped up the next speed, the rabbit practically punching against my clit. I rocked on my thighs, needing a swift ending, knowing he wouldn’t give it. All because I had flirted with a ghost…and didn’t tell Cal.

The tie around my arms opened. In shock, I tumbled down to the bed. Ink met me by thrusting his cock as deep as before. He knotted a hand at the nape of my neck, pressing my lips to his and he guided the rabbit for its final number. I rocked against him, tears rising in my eyes at the electricity pumping through me. Grinding harder, cursing and moaning in the same breath, I bent down and bit Ink on his pec.

A life-changing orgasm socked me in the back of the head. My vision went white and I felt myself tumbling to the side. Tender hands caught me out of nowhere, caressing my cheeks and brushing back my hair as he guided me to the safety of the bed. For a time, my body hung in an unreachable state. I felt myself floating above it, aware but not feeling Ink’s legs between mine, or his hands caressing my breasts.

Then it all struck at once. The tingle transformed into a full-on clench of pleasure. I locked my thighs around his leg, having to press my throbbing clit against his skin. As the bolts zapped through me, I grazed my teeth over Ink’s body, crying out and moaning at the same time. And the fucking bastard tenderly drew my hair back with each comb of his fingers.


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