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Steamy Saturday — PNR Foursome

WARNING! A Five-Chili Steamy Scene Lurks Below!
If you aren’t ready for your phone to catch on fire, click away.

After being rescued by her incubus, werewolf and ghost, Layla enjoys her just desserts.

🌶️ Wall Kissing
🌶️ Ghost Control
🌶️ Protective Werewolf

Ink clenched my wrists more tightly, a low rumble rising from him that sounded like a dragon guarding its gold. It sent a shiver straight down my spine that left me panting. He drew his nose up my cheek until he reached my ear. I waited for a sinful request, but instead of antagonizing me, he used that wily tongue to lick around my earlobe and pull it between his teeth.

I groaned, arching my back. My incubus cupped my belly and tugged the tissue-thin fabric barely hiding my skin. With an almost chaste coyness, Ink let his forearm haplessly caress under my breasts. He tipped up my chin with his nose, then caught my lips in a hard kiss.

On instinct, I squirmed, raising my leg. Ink caught it before I could do any accidental damage. He kneaded into my inner thigh, lifting my leg to wrap around his waist while I precariously balanced on the other.

His deep rumble of laughter echoed against my cheek. “This is how I like you.”

“In a flamingo pose?”

“Strained to the near breaking point.” He thrust his hips, grinding his cock against my soaking panties.

Fuck, it feels so good. I wanted him to strip me naked and slam me against the wall. Ink reached for my waist, about to remove either my panties or shirt, when a pair of green eyes flashed in my mind.

No, that wasn’t real! I didn’t…ask for that. I didn’t want it.

Ink paused, instantly reading my reticence. I leaned forward, hanging off the grip he had on my wrists, to kiss him. He pressed back, flattening my spine to the brick… Plaster, that was a plaster wall in my cheap apartment.

“Actually.” I turned away from his kiss, a disquieting seed planting in my stomach. It was the wall sex that had made me keep thinking of Raul. Stone. “I’m not a hundred percent. Do you think we could…?”

“Do much better?” He opened his tight grip on my wrists, but did not release them. Instead, he guided my palms so they clenched behind his neck. With a smile, Ink hefted me up until he held me. My ass bounced against the crown of his cock as he whispered in my ear, “Always, my bond.”

I reached up to kiss him, expecting to be whisked away to my stripped bed. Ink took a step back, and a chill caught me. In surprise, I opened my eyes and found we were standing in Cal’s house next to the staircase. Boxes filled the hallway, cramming us in.

“What are we…?”

“Shh. Trust the maestro. He knows how to wave his baton for an unending crescendo.” Ink bent over, placing me on the worn carpet of the staircase. It was far from comfortable, but I didn’t care. My incubus was busy lifting away my shirt.

“How come I never have to take yours off?” I asked. He was careful to place my sleep shirt on the banister before he fell to his knees astride me. Like swirling paint in water, Ink dipped his two fingers across the top of my chest.

“I thought it easier for the sake of the festivities. Do you wish to?”

He caressed over the fullness of my breasts, letting his palm brush against my awakening nipples. I sighed and reached for his shirt. Despite being an agent of sex chaos, Ink always kept his shirt tucked in. That was changing. I tugged like mad on the crimson tails, letting them fall around his waist. How his tightly controlled body looked at ease flipped a switch inside me I didn’t know I had.

“You enjoy this side of me.” It wasn’t a question. It was never a question with him. Ink released my breasts and he coyly undid the second button on his shirt, then the third. All the while, he stared at me as if this were the hottest thing he’d ever done. His shirt fell open, revealing his taut shoulders, then his glistening pecs, and…

I reached out tentatively, nearly cupping but holding back from a tattoo on his left pec. It was faint, as if it’d faded over the years, but I’d never seen it before. A loop of chain shaped like a heart had appeared directly over where his heart would be.

“Is that new?” I asked, daring to let my fingers fall on the old but fresh ink.

He glanced down without concern. “I suppose so. You’re welcome.” As he spoke, his chest lifted and the steady beat of his heart pulsed a louder symphony in my panties.

I wrenched off his shirt, catching on the wrists, but Ink didn’t even wince. The force set off his dragon rumble and his cock grew inside his pants. That needed fixing. I caught him by the belt, tugging him closer, when a chill blew through my hair.

“Layla,” Daniel whispered in my ear. I shivered, certain I’d imagined it, when Ink’s touch paused and he looked behind me.

“You’re here. How?”

He licked his lip while staring down my naked chest. “Their wicked curse must have worn off.”

“The ghost can haunt you again. Huzzah.”

Ink’s complaint was the only thing to pull Daniel from losing himself down my cleavage. “Should I leave you two alone?”

To my shock, Ink said, “No.” Even Daniel stared in surprise. Ink tousled my hair back from my ear and he whispered, “We three bonded together to save her. I say she deserves we three in celebration of our victory.”

“Ink…? Ah.” He took my right breast in his hand while he sucked on my ear. Daniel drifted lower until he sat on the stair above me and reached into my hand. Using my palm, he massaged my left breast with a hungry ferocity while Ink was a gentle tumble of fingers. My incubus tenderly swept his palm around the side and under, before he’d lightly caress my nipple. Daniel tugged on my nip, causing me to squeak more with each one. I could barely get a grip before one of them drove me mad.

Both pressed my breasts together until Ink’s hand knocked into my own. The pair stared at each other, fingers knotted in my cleavage. I grabbed Ink’s hair and pulled him to my lips for a kiss. His stern growl slipped to a sensuous pout while Daniel ran his hand across the whole of my chest.

“Take both her hands,” Ink said, pushing away. I had barely released his hair before Daniel slipped in. He crossed my arms like a slumbering mummy, my forearms propping up my breasts, while he pinched my nipples and whispered in my ear.

“Every cry from your lips makes me come a thousand times.”

“It’s a good thing ectoplasm isn’t real, or we’d never get the carpets clean,” Ink said.

“Where are you going?” I called out to my wayward incubus. He didn’t just slide away for Daniel but got off the stairs entirely.

“Merely attending to the door, my bond.” Ink gave a deep bow and pulled open the front door just as a box and my wolfish boyfriend entered.

Cal greeted Ink with mild surprise, when he turned and found me nearly naked, my legs spread, panties drenched, and hands rubbing my breasts. The box fell to the ground and I jumped at a growl rolling in his throat.

“Full moon,” Ink said just as Cal leaped forward like a man possessed. He wrapped his arms tight around me, hefting me off the stairs. It ripped Daniel free, leaving me completely at my werewolf’s mercy. From the fire in his eyes, I expected him to throw me over the banister and fuck me hard.

But he carried me like a bride up the stairs. I clung to his neck, his flexing biceps pressing into me as we rose. At the top, he turned to stare down at the two left behind. “Are you coming?”

My incubus smirked before he blinked out of existence. Cal carried me down the sloping hallway of his house toward a sudden light flickering in his bedroom. Without pause, he kicked on the door and we both gasped. Rose petals covered the flannel quilt and trailed onto the floor. Enough candles for an eighties music video filled every open space on his furniture. Standing in the middle, slowly bringing a flame from the tip of his finger to the last wick, was Ink.

“A lady’s first night in her new boudoir requires proper ambience.”

“I’m…” I pulled myself up to look in Cal’s eyes. “I wasn’t certain if you’d want me to—.”

“If you think you’ll be sleeping in any bed but mine…” He tossed me onto the bed, which cradled me in. Cal pulled off his T-shirt by the back of the neck while his eyes blazed. Slamming one knee to the bed, he crawled over me. “You’re wrong.”

I reached up for him, when cold hands swept inside of mine. They were tugged back, taking me with, until I stared at Daniel resting on the pillows behind me. Ink sat on the bed beside me, his trousers unbuttoned and the zipper beginning to fall. The demon who never did underwear slid closer, exposing his throbbing crown. He caught my chin and kissed me while Daniel pinned my hands above my head.

Ink trailed his touch across my breast until he wedged a knee below the small of my back. Rough fingers latched onto the hips of my panties and I tried to sit up just as Cal shredded them into pieces. In just his tight-ass jeans, he drew his nose from my belly button straight down. Ink shoved me higher, and Daniel pulled my hands until they pressed against the headboard.

With me strained to the breaking point, Cal dug his fingers under my ass and into my hips, then he sucked hard on my labia. God! I tried to thrust against him, my body at a boil from Ink’s touch. But Daniel held me tight as he gazed down at the wolf eating me out. My demon was gentler than both, tenderly sweeping his palms across my fallen breasts, then pushing my hair from my face. I tried to reach up to kiss him, but he leaned back.


He circled the tip of his finger around my ear as he said, “We want to hear you.”


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  1. Phew! It’s hot here, but now the air around me is boiling! Or is it me? LOL. I’ll be so sad when you end this series, that I’ll have to reread it over and over again, for the utter hotness of Layla and her men!

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