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First Kiss Friday

First Kiss Friday

Today’s first kiss comes from Sophia’s Schooling by Maggie Sims

An innocent country girl…
a jaded earl…an education in pleasure.

“What on earth do your stays look like if I can see that?” he asked hoarsely.

Sophia gasped and flattened her hand over her breast. “I beg your pardon. That is not your concern.”

“Perhaps not before, little one, but that incident made it mine,” he ground out. He stepped into her and spun her back toward him. Curving one arm around her back, his other hand came to hers, holding his handkerchief to her damp breast. His breath was hot against her mouth.

Shocked at the heat of his palm and the closeness of his lips, Sophia sucked in a breath. Her eyes fluttered closed, and she leaned into him, tilting her head up in tacit permission.

His lips covered hers on a slant, his tongue swooping in with a lightning touch to hers before
withdrawing. He twisted his lips against hers to deepen the kiss, and another moan rumbled from him.

Heat flooded through her, and the flick of his tongue startled Sophia. She reveled in the softness of his lips and strength of his tongue against her own. Her whole body burned, not only her lips or where their bodies touched. His delicious scent invaded her nose even as his tongue invaded her mouth. She leaned toward him, pressing her breast into his hand.