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Steamy Saturday — Wolf Punishment

WARNING! A Five-Chili Steamy Scene Lurks Below!
If you aren’t ready for your phone to catch on fire, click away.

In this excerpt from my Mother’s Day-themed book, Wings, Cal tries to console Layla in the basement…then chains get involved.

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I could heal his body, but there were no spells in my book to heal a fucked-up childhood. I’d looked. All I could do was ask, “What do you want?”

His ice-blue eyes sharpened and Cal licked the edge of his fang as he stared down me. A snort spurted from his nose like a charging bull. “You,” he declared and hauled me off my feet. I started to yelp in surprise, but his lips were on mine. Cal kissed with a ferocity normally saved for a full moon.

He bucked his hips with such force, I nearly leaped out of his arms. Fearing I would fall, I reached out and caught the beam running across the low ceiling. I hung off of that, my legs knotted around the middle of Cal’s chest while he drew his nails under my shirt and spread the whole of his hand up my back. Even straining, Cal couldn’t reach to kiss me. I watched his eyes blazing as he kneaded his palms under my breasts. He hefted the weight of them high, moaning at how my nipples were nearly out of reach.

Every jostle in his arms caused my thighs to cling tighter and press my soaked panties and a thin pair of sleep shorts to his chest. When my vulva and clit reverberated down his pec, I fought back a savage cry.

“You’re eager,” I called out, struggling to keep my voice level.

Cal’s wild bucking stilled, but he kept toying with my nipples while staring at me. The bare lightbulb deepened a feral gleam in his eyes. “What are you going to do about it?” he asked.

Oh, he was in that mood. I didn’t fight the devious smile rising as I put together what he wanted, or how bad I wanted it too. Opening my legs, I released my grip on the ceiling beam and slipped down Cal’s hard body. He took every advantage to caress me on the way down. My shirt caught between us. His thick cock strained against the boxer briefs and pressed to my bare belly.

I stood there, staring up at him, breathing deep so my breasts pooled against his chest. A low growl rumbled from below and I reached for the chain. In an instant, Cal snapped to attention, his eyes wide. I tugged the metal loops over and hefted the leather strap in my hands. “You need to be taught some manners,” I declared, slipping the strap around Cal’s neck.

He helpfully raised his chin, holding his breath as I tightened the collar and folded the loose end into a set of silver loops. When the leather fell flush to his neck, his cock hardened like a brass pole. I stepped back, staring at him nearly bursting out of his boxers, his body shivering in anticipation. He’d been shifting a lot lately, leaving his multitude of taut muscles bulgier than usual.

God, I wanted to rake my nails over his lats and bite into his biceps. But that wasn’t the game.

Cal looked down at his cock and traced a hand around his hip toward it in a tease. His head snapped up and he surged forward. I took another step back. The chains rattled in the eyelet, each link catching until he reached the end of his rope.

“Ah-ah. Manners,” I chided, waggling a finger.

He dropped the hand racing to catch me, but didn’t lean back. If anything, he leaned farther out, tightening the collar. Fuck, the way his eyes darkened with hunger nearly sent me racing for his cock. To snare my attention, Cal dropped his hand under his waistband and jerked once around the bulge in his pants.

At my shiver, he grinned, showing a single long fang.

“What are you going to do with me?” he asked, toying with his cock while keeping it all hidden from me.

I could drop to my knees, turn around and bend over just nearly out of reach. Or…? I dragged the little end table over and stood before it. Placing my hand to my chest, I coyly crossed my legs while staring him straight in the eye. “You are going to stand there.” As I spoke, I danced my fingers down, each tip dipping between my cleavage until I lifted my shirt off.

Cal’s growl echoed through my core. I cupped and caressed the breasts he couldn’t reach, every rattle of the chains wetting my panties. He fought hard against his restraint, but he couldn’t break free. I risked taking a step closer to the panting beast, bending at the waist so I could feel his wild breath.

As he stared, one hand clenched to his cock, I whispered, “And watch.”

Cal reached for me, but it was too late. I leaned away and tugged off my panties and shorts in one go. The sight of me completely naked and out of range caused him to whimper before he jerked his fist around his cock and his eyes rolled back. When they focused, I hopped back onto the table. It wasn’t very tall, so I had to lean and arch my heels on the floor. But all of Cal’s attention was on the sight of me nearly spread eagle before him.

Slowly, I traced my fingers between my thighs, trying to prolong his torture, when Cal tugged the edge of his underwear down so half of his cock popped free. Fuck me! My toes curled and I swept straight for my clit. My own heat threatened to consume me while Cal toyed with his cock’s head. He danced his thumb and finger over the crown, swirling to match my own steady beat.

As he watched, I closed my legs tight, then opened them wider. He didn’t strain against his bonds, but jerked himself off faster before stilling. Red stained his chest and cheeks, the exertion nearly breaking him, but Cal held back and watched. I swept across my wet vulva, taking in as much lubricant as possible, before plunging two fingers deep inside.

Cal howled and pumped himself hard. He used his whole fist to travel from the base of his cock to the near head. All the while, he kept trying to tug his boxer briefs lower with his other hand. It wasn’t working so well, his reach limited and the other side caught on his hips, but he refused to release the hand bringing him to the edge.

“A little help?” he asked, darting his gaze down to his trapped underwear.

I eased to my feet, a cramp already rising in my arched heels. Carefully, I reached over while staring Cal in the eye. He lifted his hands on his own, abandoning his pleasure, and I tugged his shorts down. “It wouldn’t do for you to come all over them.”

“Not when I can come in you,” he growled. Hands clasped around the small of my back. For a brief, glorious second his rock-hard cock brushed against my lower belly and down until I dodged out of his reach.

“That was…very naughty!” I tried to condemn him, but every fiber of his body looked ready to leap and fuck me hard. God, I wanted to run straight back and let him, but that wasn’t the game.

Struggling to breathe, I slicked the dew off my forehead. Sex sweat glistened down his abs. Finding me in such a state, Cal smiled deviously and clenched tight around his cock. Even his big hands couldn’t fully reach around, but he tugged the skin higher until a bead of pre-cum welled up on the tip.

“You…” I waggled my finger, fearing I was losing fast, when a wicked idea entered my head. “You must be punished.”

“What are you going to do?” he asked, his head quirked.

I only needed a second to think of him. “I’m not going to do a thing,” I said as a pair of naked warm hands swept over my breasts.

Hot breath caressed down the side of my cheek as Ink whispered, “You called?” He bit my neck and I squealed, clenching my thighs together. The chains rattled harder, Cal sputtering in rage even as he jerked himself off.

“I see someone’s been bad.” Ink surmised the situation in a second before he drew his hand between my thighs and pressed them apart.

“Enjoy your punishment, dog,” he declared before thrusting his cock into me, “while my bond savors her reward.”

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  1. You write hot scenes like no one else! Phew! I just put a recommendation for Coven of Desire in at Smart Bitches, Trashy Books, on their “What are you reading?” page. I sure hope you get some new readers from there.

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