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First Kiss Friday

First Kiss Friday

Today’s First Kiss comes from Thick Girls Pole by Tina Gallagher

Thick Girls Pole features a smart, curvy heroine and the sexy geek of her dreams.

I’ve gone out with guys since Brian and I split, but they were pretty much just planned hookups, sometimes with a meal beforehand. But it’s been a long time since I had a real first date, complete with a pre-kiss moment like Simon and I are having now. My heart pounded as he took a step closer and placed his hands on my waist. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that it’s kind of strange. I mean, this is Simon. In all the years we’ve known each other, I’ve never thought about kissing him. Yet here I am unable to think of anything else.

I took a deep breath in through my nose and let it out the same way as Simon’s hand slowly skimmed up my side and settled onto the side of my neck. He stroked the underside of my jaw with his thumb, seeming to give me time to back away. Not only did I not back away, I leaned into his touch and looked down at his mouth. He whispered my name and I shifted my eyes up to look into his. My heart raced as he moved his head forward a fraction, then stopped and searched my gaze, giving me one last chance to retreat. When I didn’t, he tunneled his fingers through my hair and touched his mouth to mine.

The kiss wasn’t much more than a soft brushing of lips, but it made my heart pound double-time. I let out a shuddering sigh as Simon slid his hand to cup the back of my head then moaned against his mouth as he pressed it fully against mine. Wanting to get closer, I wrapped my arms around his neck. He moved his hand to the small of my back and pulled me even closer as his mouth opened, deepening the kiss, and adding a soft suction that made my lady parts tingle. That feeling intensified when he touched his tongue to mine, taking the kiss to a whole other level.

It went on and on and I got lost in the sensation, forgetting the fact that I’m standing on my front porch making out with Simon Parker. Part of my brain kept insisting this should be weird, but it doesn’t feel weird. It feels very right.

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