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Steamy Saturday — Counter Bang

WARNING! A Five-Chili Steamy Scene Lurks Below!
If you aren’t ready for your phone to catch on fire, click away.

Brandy’s had a crush on her coworker Marty but never thought he’d look at her twice. In the middle of the night, he surprises her in the kitchen.

🌶️ MF
🌶️ Kitchen Counter Kissing
🌶️ Hilarious Teasing

Lips of fire pressed to hers and he tousled her hair apart. Heat pooling straight down her spine, Brandy clung to this impossible kiss. As he knotted his fist around her fallen hair, Marty tugged her head to the side and delved deeper. He played with her lip until he could coax her tongue to greet his.

She tasted his body, his being. He smelled of a heat wafting across a throbbing dance floor, of sweaty bodies twisting together in a sleeping bag. Brandy dared to wrap her hands around his waist, pulling herself deeper into his kiss.

“I was so stupid to ignore you,” Marty said, his words whispering a hot breath into her ear. She shivered at the touch. He puckered tender lips along the edge of her throat, each soft kiss trailing lower as he caressed his hands higher.

Marty tugged on her camisole, exposing her soft belly to his palms. Slipping a hand below her shirt, he used the tips of his fingers to glide right under her breast. “Not that I ever ignored these.”

Cupping around her boobs, Marty kneaded with his thumbs as he pressed his hips tighter to Brandy. She yelped at the surprising force, but gave in to him. With each massage of her chest, he ground closer, brushing his jeans against her tiny shorts. Even through the denim she felt him hardening, his pants straining around his rising cock.

Brandy ached to run her hand over the top of it, to feel a man again. But she was frozen in place. What if she touched him wrong? What if—

Marty yanked one of his hands out from under her shirt and rolled it behind her palm. With his thumb hooked around, he guided her straight to his crotch. He nibbled on her earlobe as he let her graze her fingers against him.

“Oh.” A sharp moan burst from the man licking her ear. Her long-dormant libido ordered her to touch more. Twisting her palm, she tugged his pants up and down the shaft hiding below. “Fuck,” Marty gasped, his forehead crashing onto hers while he kept thrusting his hips closer.

“Let me take you,” he pleaded, his gaze burning for understanding. Flitting one thumb around the waistband of her shorts, he tugged them off her hip so he could palm a bare buttock. Marty swept his other hand across the nape of her neck, holding her close as they stared deep into each other’s eyes.

“Let me be with you.” He kissed her, a soft touch on the lips, as sweet as pink satin. And, with his thumb, he parted the crease of her thigh. Brandy widened her stance, her body pleading with him to keep going. Suddenly, Marty stopped, right before he reached her pussy. They stood in her kitchen, his hand down her pants, hers wrapped around his cock, both breathing each other in.


Brandy yanked on his jeans. Her fingers went for the zipper first, all of her needing him naked as fast as possible. When they refused to tug off, she remembered the button. Marty had no trouble, curling both palms around her hips to drop her panties to the floor.

Cold from the cabinets crawled across Brandy’s naked back, but it didn’t matter as Marty ripped off her camisole and kissed her. The heat of his touch swept over her naked breasts, raising her nipples from aroused to famished in an instant. She moaned into his kiss, his lips puckering in a smile at that before he lapped her tongue with his.

She strained to reach any part of him, to reveal his body at last, but Marty had her in flux. His touch was everywhere at once—her breasts, her ass, tugging on her hair, brushing her cheek, spreading her thighs. She couldn’t keep track and hung on, her body humming with each one.

Without warning, it all retreated. Marty sidled back and stared down her body. She didn’t have time to suck in her gut or do that half-turn trick to look skinnier. No, he saw her in all her half-splayed, hanging-arms, chest-heaving glory. And he smiled wide.

“If you don’t mind,” Marty said, grabbing the neck of his shirt. Despite it being soaked to his body, he yanked it up with no fuss. It was Brandy’s turn to stare in wonder. Fur as black as night ran across his pecs and straight through the hard narrows of his abs. Across his belly the forest grew, calling for Brandy’s palm to rub the soft man-hair.

As she drifted her gaze lower, so too went Marty’s jeans. He stood only in a pair of white boxers covered in those classic red hearts. How long did it take him to find those? “Ooh,” he said, distracting her, “want to see a magic trick?”

“Okay?” she said slowly, growing painfully aware that she was fully naked in her kitchen with a coworker.

“Nothing up this sleeve.” He pretended to show off the inside of a shirt he wasn’t wearing. “Nothing up this one, either.” Marty rolled his hands around his hips and, in one fell swoop, yanked his underwear off.

Holy shit!

“Ta da,” he said, his jazz hands causing his maximum overload to sway hypnotically. Brandy stared in total shock at the third leg he somehow kept hidden in his pants. Curling a warm hand around her elbow, he dragged his fingernails against the skin of her forearm until he cupped the back of her hand.

Marty rustled through her hair, guiding her close by the nape of her neck as he directed her hand lower. “How do you…?” He guided her hand around his cock, a shudder rising through him as she touched it. “Find the merchandise?” Marty panted, even while finishing the joke.

Unable to help herself, Brandy struggled to cinch her hand tighter. She traversed the full length of his cock until she curled her palm around the sensitive crown. A plea dripped from Marty’s lips and he pressed his forehead to hers.

Gently gliding her palm up and down his cock in a corkscrew, she whispered, “It’s just what I’ve always wanted.”

Marty gripped her waist, nibbling along her jaw. When he pressed his knee between Brandy’s wobbly thighs, a moan slipped from her lips. Her under-appreciated pussy caused her to tip her hips forward and grind against the touch of skin.

God, how she wanted him. She’d been wanting him for…she didn’t even know. His touch rounded back across her ass. Pressing his nails deep into her flesh, Marty lifted her. Not onto the counter, but he raised her until she hovered an inch or two off the ground.

Before gravity could yank her down, he spread her thighs with his hips, pinning her in place. His cock brushed against her soaked lips.

“Did you ever think about me pinning you beside the cash register?” Marty asked, plunging his teeth into her neck.

Brandy squirmed in his grip, not wanting to fall unless it was onto his cock. But he held it away from her. Cupping one hand to her breasts, he swept the other down her stomach. He trailed his fingers like reeds through a lake.

“Riding you behind the mass of boxes?” he asked, a smirk rising along his flushed lips.

“Oh!” Brandy moaned as he slipped first one finger, then two inside her. She tried to focus on his thrusting, but he lapped his tongue around her ear.

“How often did you want me to lock the store and take you in the front window?”

Christ! He began to swirl across her clit with his thumb and he found his way to the back door with his pinkie. A tremble consumed her body, Brandy shivering as every long-denied orgasm rose from the depths.

“Well?” Marty whispered, ramping up his efforts and nearly bringing her to confounding tears.

“Too damn often,” she confessed, sounding near hysterics.

A single laugh rolled from him. In one fast move, he slipped his hand out of her and placed it over her stomach. His bony hips digging into her spread thighs, Marty gripped himself by the base as he stared at her. She tried to look away, embarrassment washing over her, but he cupped her chin and held her in place. Eye to eye, breaths matching, he plunged his cock inside her.

And it was bliss.

“Fuck,” Brandy cursed, her legs rising on their own. Her toes curled as every inch of him bored deeper inside. He skated his nails down her legs and guided them up to rest on his back. Marty bent closer.

Her entire body was in flames. She kept trying to thrust down on him but could barely move. He had total control, Brandy trapped between him and the stove.

“You are…” Marty whispered, then grazed his teeth along her jaw. “So beautiful.” He began to thrust, shallow and cautious, as if he feared breaking her. But she was made of sterner stuff.

Brandy grabbed his shoulders, giving herself leverage to pound onto him. This time Marty cursed, his head tossed back as he gulped in air. “Yes,” he cried for her. “Yes!” He wanted only her.


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