Author Interviews

Below are a collection of authors who ecstatically share about the trials and tribulations of creating their books. Maybe you’ll find an amazing new read within these pages.

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❣️ Game On with Kyra Lennon

❣️ The Vacation with David Stone

❣️ Professor on the Prowl with Bella Beaumont

❣️ Day Shift with M.D. Dalrymple

❣️ Madam with Honey B Wells

❣️ Red Hot Reunion with Beth Hale

❣️ Shifter’s Eden with Tia Didmon

❣️ Capture with Sandra Carmel

❣️ Driven by Fire with Eden Rayna

❣️ Slave: Marked for the Alien Prince with Diana Flame

❣️ Marriage and Ministry with Amanda Kai

❣️ Worth the Wait with Sophia Sinclair

❣️ Coached in Love with A.M. Williams

❣️ Taste for Wine with Francine Beaton

❣️ Freeing Fortune with Ashley J. Barner & Jennifer Sanders

❣️ Ruthless with Marlie May

❣️ Porter the Importer with Ariella Talix

❣️ Handle Me with Elodie Colt

❣️ Pursued with Danielle Pays