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Ink is Back in this FREE Steamy Short

You don't have to wait until March 16th to return to Ink's naughty exploits. Everyone who pre-orders Claw at my publisher's site First For Romance will get Retail Hell for free right now! Even witches have to eat. Despite learning last that she has magic powers and there’s a gorgeous incubus living on her couch,… Continue reading Ink is Back in this FREE Steamy Short


The Au Pair and the Beast by Aurora Russell

Excerpt from The Au Pair and the Beast Monsieur Reynard was angry—furious, even—so that his eyes were thunderous and every line of his tall frame was taut with barely leashed rage.“Who are you working for? Who sent you?” he demanded.“What? I’m working for you—or I thought I was. Madame Montreaux recommended me.” Veronica was genuinely… Continue reading The Au Pair and the Beast by Aurora Russell


Six Sentence Sunday — Valentine Rose

“You got a rose to bloom, in February, for me?”“Watch,” he said, laying his head on my shoulder.The first two rows of petals were a dusky pink, but as the rose continued its veil dance, they began to shift hue. Another layer was a soft orange reminiscent of the sunset through the clouds. Next was… Continue reading Six Sentence Sunday — Valentine Rose


First Kiss Friday

»»————- ♡ ————-««Every Friday I share the first kiss from a book. This week it's Stone's Mistake by Adrian J. Smith. An FBI agent on the hunt for a serial killer makes an egregious error during her investigation.»»————- Stone's Mistake ————-«« Morgan’s heart rose to her throat again. She coughed to try and clear it, sputtering as… Continue reading First Kiss Friday