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Six Sentence Sunday — Rash & Rationality

In this excerpt, Marty's brother shows up to pull him out of his breakup depression. Marty hefted his massive plastic jug of coffee grounds, dug a spoon in and chewed down. The full-punch of bitter caffeine was worth it for the sour look he got from his brother. “Well,” he said, splattering some of the… Continue reading Six Sentence Sunday — Rash & Rationality

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Steamy Saturday — Best Friend F*ck

Brandy's crushed on her coworker Marty for years, but has watched him date the wrong woman from the sidelines. In this excerpt, he finally wises up. EXCERPT INCLUDES:🌶️ MF🌶️ BFF Fall Hard🌶️ Short King🌶️ Fun & Funny “Marty,” she whispered, her eyes closed tight as if she was wishing on a star. The cliff’s edge… Continue reading Steamy Saturday — Best Friend F*ck


Thirsty Thursday — Mr Mittens

This week, check out and download for free the very first Mr. January. He could use your warming up. Hint hint. mr-januaryDownload Mr Mittens I absolutely adored these main characters and I loved how they took the time to get to know each other first before taking their relationship to the next level. Definitely a… Continue reading Thirsty Thursday — Mr Mittens

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Six Sentence Sunday — Whisper

This excerpt is from the third Coven of Desire book Whisper. Layla's angered her incubus and werewolf in order to help her ghost. It was a silent ride back to the apartment with a naked werewolf in the front seat beside me and the demon in the back. They’d maintained their “we’re very disappointed in… Continue reading Six Sentence Sunday — Whisper