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Six Sentence Sunday — Rash & Rationality

In this excerpt, Brandy's snuck into Marty's childhood bedroom. He catches her. “I wanted to use the bathroom, but it was occupied…” She gulped, her face shifting to full-on chartreuse.Marty raised both eyebrows as if he expected more, but Brandy clammed up, afraid she might spill everything in one go. “So you wandered in here… Continue reading Six Sentence Sunday — Rash & Rationality

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Steamy Saturday — Counter Bang

Brandy's had a crush on her coworker Marty but never thought he'd look at her twice. In the middle of the night, he surprises her in the kitchen. EXCERPT INCLUDES:🌶️ MF🌶️ Kitchen Counter Kissing🌶️ Hilarious Teasing Lips of fire pressed to hers and he tousled her hair apart. Heat pooling straight down her spine, Brandy… Continue reading Steamy Saturday — Counter Bang