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On March 31st I put in the last period for the once called Pride & Prejudice & Snow. (I wanted to save this for today so it didn’t seem like a weak prank).

Now called Snowbound, the story of Tristan Harty & Beth Cho trapped together in a cabin in the mountains enters its fermentation stage before the big edits.

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Squire Hayseed – Practice

“Higher, please.”

Hayley gritted her teeth, uncertain if it was the disinterest in her knight’s voice or the fact he wouldn’t give her a damn inch for managing over twenty of them up the rope. Granted, her body was trapped in the middle of the climb, the beam looking as far away as the ground while she clung helplessly to the swinging middle

“Gah,” Hayley grunted reaching far into the sky with her right hand. Just as she was about to clamp down, the left slipped free. Rope burns dug deep into the protective calluses, slicing most of them off and Hayley hissed in pain. But she didn’t let go. For starters, it’d be giving up. It’d also hurt a lot, the ground bone dry after two weeks of no rain

She might even take some snow at this point, though it’d look out of place in the balmy breeze from out of the south.

“Squire…” Gavin locked his arms in a cross, his head lifting. “Have you even been practicing?”

“Yes,” she spat out, her body clinging to the dangling rope, “Sort of. Sometimes.”

His amber eyes rolled sky-high as he sighed. “If you only practice sometimes, you shall only be somewhat good.”

Blah blah blah. He may be some angel-demon on the battlefield, but his motivational speeches were like a wine-soaked aunt prattling on to her army of cats.

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Pride, Prejudice, and Snow

I’m embroiled in working on a new book that came to me like a bolt of lightning. (Sorry Fallen Cupid and Sexy Assassin’s Creed ideas, you have to wait). It doesn’t have a title yet, but I’m calling it Pride & Prejudice & Snow. Beth Cho is a reporter given the task of trying to get ex-teen heartthrob musician Tristan Harty to open up. The two start off on every wrong foot, planning to flee, when a snowstorm traps them together in a cabin. Alone.

Read an excerpt below where the two first meet:

Pausing before the bedroom door, Tristan pulled in a calming breath. He’d run the gauntlet of reporters before his first chin hair sprouted, learning quickly to guard his words and freeze his emotions. But…it had been years since anyone wanted to know what passed between his ears.

A cough startled him and he turned towards the manager glaring at the top of his head. With a start, Tristan found his hand running roughshod over his scalp. The carefully styled locks crunched between his nervous fingers, dry gel raining down. Shake it off, Harty. It’s just another reporter.

Not even a reporter, he assured himself while opening the door. She was…

A solitary chair sat in the middle of the room encircled by darkness. The blinds were drawn, letting only a hint of the snow-speckled haze puncture past the curtains. Light beamed onto the seat as if aliens were about to abduct it. Tristan’s mind instantly scrolled through the interrogation scenes in every movie.

Movement drew him away from the hot seat to the would-be reporter. Even in the muted light of the closed shades, her eyes sparked like flint. Nearly filling her face, the size gave her an innocent and pure look. He’d dismissed the snow-bedraggled woman out of hand as she stood shivering in her coat. But then those flint eyes caught his and he nearly stumbled backwards into the fireplace.

“Mr. Harty,” she said, her hand extending from the darkness, “Beth Cho with Thorn.”

Accepting her fingers in his, it surprised him how warm they were. He gave a quick shake, and said, “Pleasure.” 

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