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Thirsty Thursday — Mr Wet

Mr. Wet's here to cause an unexpected typhoon. mr-marchDownload Mr Wet Review from Badge Each book in the Coven of Desire Series just keeps getting better and better. if you have not begun reading the Coven of Desire series by Ellen Mint you are missing out. Cal’s obsessive brooding, affection, possessiveness and protectiveness is swoon… Continue reading Thirsty Thursday — Mr Wet

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A Summer Romcom Vampire Sale

Read about Jareth's vampiric antics on a tropical island for only $0.99! Summer bites. What could be more pathetic than a vampire trapped on a tropical island? Jareth Hale despises everything about his exile to Samaná from the tourists’ necks slathered in sunscreen to the blaring sun overhead. He’ll do anything to return to his… Continue reading A Summer Romcom Vampire Sale

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Your Personal Library—A Signed Bookplate

I've been wanting to have a way to get a signed bookplate to readers for a while, but I couldn't think of anything that'd work. Then it hit me. Your own library card! I will sign the author part, then you can stick the fake library card to the back of the front book cover.… Continue reading Your Personal Library—A Signed Bookplate