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A New Dwarves in Space Is Coming

I’m please to announce that Dwarves in Space: Tempus Interruptus is dropping February 28th!

Time’s unraveling across the galaxy and the only hope are two people who’d rather kill each other than work together.

Drake Bane is a low-class smuggler and general grit in the galaxy’s wheels of progress. He finds himself on the wrong side of a goblin mob boss and gets the choice to either steal an ancient relic or test space decompression up close. When his ship’s impounded as collateral he’s left to sneak his way onto a ship without bothering to get to know the captain or its cast of interesting characters. Too bad or he’d have skipped right past and saved himself a major headache.

Captain Variel Tuffman’s got her own secrets which she’s not about to share with a smuggler that lied his way onto her ship. All she wants is to ditch the guy before the couple on her ship who think they’re on a cruise vacation catch on. It all goes wibbly wobbly when an ancient artifact impales itself onto her hand and she can’t get it off. The crew is sent careening across the galaxy on the run from a bunch of species’ militaries and the dwarven antiquities board. At the heart of it all is a hole in the galaxy that no one’s ever seen before or can explain and it’s getting bigger. When the captain starts speaking gibberish and snaps in and out of comas, their only hope may be the relic jammed in her hand.

Books, dwarves in space, Writing

Book Year In Review

In 2018, I got to publish three books, take my first dip into Romance, and had my first book accepted to be published by Black Rose Writing. There’s also a hint of what’s to come in 2019 below.

Undercover Siren, my first Romance Novel, was released this February.

He was only supposed to be a job. Why can’t she walk away?

Fever came at the end of this year in October, continuing both the Inquisition series and my love of cinnamon roll heroes.

Hot soldier + brilliant doctor = a thrilling romance in the desert sands.

Free Radicals saw my return to the Dwarves in Space series.

This always $0.99 novella follows the crew of the Elation as they find their vacation interrupted by a space-station invasion.

2019 will bring the arrival of Power, my first small published novel courtesy of Black Rose Writing.

What if every person in the world had superpowers?

I ended 2018 by finishing off the first draft for my Christmas themed romance novel, Son of Krampus.

As the daughter of Saint Nicholas, Nadire’s life is Christmas 24/7. She’s never had time to fit anyone in her life, preferring the work of helping to bring gifts to the children of the world. But that’s all upended when she meets a tall, dark haired stranger who sends her heart racing.

Unbeknownst to her, there’s a secret Emeric Hellswarth is hiding and that one night stand will come to haunt her every thought. How can she plan Christmas when her heart keeps bouncing between both hating and begging for the Son of the Krampus?

Thank you so much for coming along on this journey! May 2019 bring as many books as 2018 did.