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Book Boyfriend

Sometimes I think I should make a “Find a Book Boyfriend” quiz for my catalog.

Want a cuddly, awkward often serious man with a hint of dad bod? — Undercover Siren

Want a bright and shiny goof with a ramshackle british accent and abs for days? — Fever

Want a dark, old school gentlemanly type from out of time that you could see turning into a wolf? — Son of Krampus

Want a cold, introverted musician that’s rail thin with bright blue eyes? — Snowbound

Want a sexy leprechaun who brings you dessert and fixes windows? — Gettin’ Lucky



I’m a huge video game nerd and one franchise I always come back for is Assassin’s Creed. Ezio, Edward, Bayek, and — that cheeky British monkey — Jacob Frye.

I’ve played through Syndicate four or five times already, but each time I pick it back up I’m hooked. The sneaking, the plotting how to execute your goals, the biting wit.

And the fight clubs are a great way to work off some frustration.

Do you have any video games you return to over and over like a favorite blanket?

Books, Uncategorized, Writing

Free Fantasy Reads

You can get my first YA fantasy novel The King’s Blood for free along with twenty other fantasy books.

The King’s Blood

Can two teens survive an entire Empire crashing down upon them while a shambling army of corpses waits patiently in the shadows? Will the religious fight for and against magic rip apart the world they all became rather fond of? And just how can a fifteen year old take over a throne dangling precariously over the edge of war?