SE Zbasnik


S.E. Zbasnik is the author of the Dwarves in Space series – think Tolkien and Hitchhiker’s merged in a horrific transporter accident – as well as a bunch of other fantasy novels. You can find her on twitter as well as facebook, and hopefully not standing right behind you.

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Mandaray Reads:

“There wasn’t a single character on the Elation Cru that I couldn’t imagine myself hanging out with…[T]he author somehow manages to make things like pulling wires or hitting buttons on a console seem intense. It’s great.

You should absolutely pre-order this book. You should read it, hopefully enjoy it, and do a little dance that this is a sci-fi book that doesn’t rely on technobabble or each member of an alien species all being the same in order to make its point.”

Margy’s Musings:

“Dwarves in Space” is brilliant.  The characters are well rounded, interesting, and individualistic enough that it is easy to develop favourites. It’s on to a rollercoaster ride of spills, thrills, chills and the occasional outbreak of lunacy.”

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The Modest Verge:

“It’s smart, funny, and so sharp that you could use it to open a spaceship like a tin can. I LOVED this book. Fun, funny, and entertaining this book has it all. It will be on my list of best books of 2015.”

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