Fool Me Giveaway

Congratulations to Shirley C. for winning the giveaway!

No tricks, only treats this April Fool’s Day.

You can win over $100 worth of goodies and romance books from ten great authors.

  • $50 Amazon Giftcard
  • Hog Wild by Ellen Mint
  • The Girls’ Club by Cassie O’Brien
  • Cat Class by Megan Slayer
  • Witch, My Crazy Works by Em Pitts
  • Lovestruck: A Little Bit Cupid by January Bain
  • Protecting the Dead by Katherine Gilbert
  • Suds and Sam by Stella Marie Alden
  • The Fire Within by Mary Dean
  • Off-Campus Setup by Maria Vickers
  • Hands Off by D.E. Haggerty
  • The Lady to Match a Rogue: Faith by Isabella Thorne

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Featured Authors Who Help To Bring This Giveaway To You:

A girl with darkness in her past. A man who can heal her wounds.

A dark night. A shortcut through the park. A nineteen-year-old girl is violently mugged.
Four years later…

Ness lives in London with her flatmate Jules—single, carefree but shadowed by the darkness of the violence that has created a distrust of strangers and the inability to have a sexual relationship with a man who is not first a friend. Then she meets Jason…

A pet adoption leading to lasting love?

Kelly Haas thought he’d lost everything when his first dog, Sally, passed away. He wasn’t looking for a new pup, but couldn’t resist checking the local rescues. One look at Louie and Kelly knew he’d found the right dog—a happy beagle. When Kelly meets the man running the rescue, he realizes he’s smitten with Rob, too.

Rob McMann isn’t the type of man to fall for a potential animal adopter, but he still believes in happy endings for the animals—and himself. Kelly isn’t like the other adopters. He knows how to get Rob, a perpetual loner, to come out of himself. He can be open with Kelly, but he leans on him hard when he hits a low time in his life.

Have you ever thought about that person inside of you? The one that whispers of an alternate reality and begs to be let out to help make that happen? My inner person wants to play too.

I’m fighting against the witch’s system and losing tremendously. Now, I’ve got one month left to either conform or accept the consequences. I’m choosing option C, the “Cameron Richardson Way”.

I’m refusing to bond to keep my magic and I’m not accepting the loss of my magic either. If that means my inner psycho needs to come out and play, then so be it.

Magic, striped stockings and a whole bag of crazy tethered to a mansion in the worst possible Bachelorette: Witch Edition…

What if Cupid’s arrow is real? When the ancient artifact is discovered by a newfound witch and lent to a friend for her Valentine’s Day display, all Hades breaks lose when it inadvertently falls into the wrong hands.

Magic is in the air as two polar-opposite people, sweet small-town Emma Hurst and big city man Stone Collins, are forced to deal with his over-the-top romantic gestures that threaten embarrassment at every turn. Being swept off her feet by a heartthrob is one thing, but having love forced on them by a spell is quite another, something Emma won’t stand for. Soon no one knows what’s real and what’s been caused by the tricky god of love.

Will Cupid win or will cooler heads prevail? It’s going to take every last sprinkle of Valentine magic to sort out this kerfuffle….

A werewolf, a witch, and a vampire walk into a murder scene . . .

Sgt. Marilyn Jaye of Supernatural Oversight (the investigative unit for all things which bump a bit too much in the night) is having a frustrating day. What should have been a simple case of a murdered ghoul has spun entirely out of control. It’s bad enough that she’s getting distracted from her investigations by her unreasonable attraction to Henry, a young werewolf with a terrible case of PTSD (Post-Turn Stress Disorder), especially since every Tom, Fang, and Hairy (previously known as her sensible friends) tells her she’s destined to be with him. Worse, her distraction allows a second murder victim to turn up, one of the gentlemanly Victorian vampires who lives in Highgate Cemetery. If that isn’t enough, the vicious werewolf who attacked and turned Henry is still on the loose. London’s creatures of the night seem to be in trouble, and it’s her job to protect them.

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Ellen Mint • Cassie O’Brien • Megan Slayer • Em Pitts • January Bain • Katherine Gilbert • Stella Marie Alden • Mary Dean • Maria Vickers • D.E. Haggerty • Isabella Thorne •