Here are all of my stories and books which are free to read and enjoy

Gettin’ Lucky

A FREE steamy novella with new shower scene

Jess is the unluckiest woman in the world. Nothing in her world every goes right. So, when a tree crashes through her bedroom window, she’s not surprised until a drop-dead gorgeous Irishman sticks his head inside. In this steamy novella, Jess finds herself falling harder and harder for this man who her best friend swears is a leprechaun.
Will Jess finally get lucky?

Birthday Cake

Even though the birthday girl’s name is spelled wrong on her cake, she gets her birthday wish in the form of hot baker Antony. He’s more than happy to please the customer in whatever way she needs.

Christmas Story Picked By My Readers

A year after the events that took Kristen’s hand in Undercover Siren, Colton tries to give her her first real Christmas. Here’s the sweet Christmas-themed short story you helped create.

This is a spoiler-filled follow up to Undercover Siren, which I’d highly suggest you read first.

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