Giveaway For Badge

Winner is Christy S!

One person will win this prize package worth over $70

An Astrology Blanket

A cozy black blanket festooned with the night sky stars is perfect to snuggle up under when your witching hours turn cold.

A Ouija Mug

This hefty and matte mug will help you contact spirits from beyond the grave. Or at least keep your coffee warm while you argue with ghosts.

Spell Crafting Journal

This journal includes some spells to help you get through the day. (Summoning an incubus is optional).

Moon & Star Hairpins

These sparkly metal hairpins will make your hair shine as you stand below a full moon waiting for your werewolf.

Black Cat Keychain

Layla’s keychain! Given to her by Cal for Christmas, this keychain plays an important part in Badge and going forward.

Signed copy of Claw

He’s not your typical werewolf-next-door.

Signed copy of Fang

How can Cal live when the monster remains in the mirror?

Signed copy of Whisper

Hot? Check. Romantic? Double Check. Alive? Well…

Does that sound great? You can enter below: