Mistletoe Latte

Returning This Christmas!

One week before Christmas, Emma Belmont’s life has fallen apart. With no job and no apartment, the final straw is her car breaking down in the small town of Lake Holly. She’s stuck in a quaint coffee shop packed with people demanding a mysterious mistletoe latte. But every time someone orders it, the grumpy owner tosses them out the door.

Nick Iverson’s struggled for years running his cafe and raising his fourteen-year-old niece single-handedly. When out-of-towners begin demanding the mistletoe latte old wounds rip open. He’s about to lose it in front of the Instagram crowd. Lucky for Nick, an angel is in his cafe that day.

After hiring Emma for a day, the sunny girl easily slots into his dour life. The customers are happy, the tip jar is stuffed, no one’s asking for that damn latte. And her smile makes Nick’s dead heart flutter in his desiccated chest. He needs Emma to make it through the holidays, but the closer he gets the deeper he’s falling. How can he risk opening himself up again to a woman who’s only staying for a week?

Emma’s dream of being a world-famous dessert chef cannot take hold in a tiny coffee shop in a cute small town. She knows that as deeply as she knows every glance of Nick’s hand makes her lips ache for his. What can she do when her dreams are pulling her in two different directions?

They say that with one kiss of the mistletoe latte, you’ll fall in love forever. But can that be true with two people whose lives are meant to be miles apart?

Mistletoe Latte Trailer

Steamy Excerpt

Standing up straighter, Emma asked, “Is it ready?”

“I used to do a milk pour in the shape of holly, but that doesn’t seem important. Hold your hand out.”

She did as asked when a curved and warm mug pressed to her palm. Nick helped guide her thumb into the handle then asked, “Do you have it?”

“I think so,” she said. Taking in a cleansing breath, Emma tried to clear her palate before she took a sip. The heat rushed up her cheeks and nose first, followed by a dark, almost chocolatey roast. A nuttiness danced in the middle, sharper than pecans. Chestnuts? Emma blinked when the final note announced itself.

“Juniper!” she cried out in surprise.

“Damn, most people miss the gin syrup.” Nick sounded impressed. He took the cup out of her hands and placed it beside her.

She tried to play through the flavors on her tongue while thinking. “It’s more complex than I expected.”

“I am a simple man.”

Emma gulped. “That isn’t what I—”

“It’s okay. I know what I am.”

“Any dessert requires nuts. Perhaps a combination of pecans and walnuts to mimic that. And I’d have to keep the sugar low or miss the depth of the rich coffee liquor.”

Nick whistled and she froze in speaking her thoughts aloud. “Color me impressed. Your tongue’s amazing.”

Oh, boy. She licked her lip at the compliment. Instead of the mistletoe latte, all she could taste was hard flesh as her mind filled with the memory of him in the bath. Wrapping her tongue around that would be…

Emma tried to shake it away. She raised her hand to ask, “Could I have another taste?”

“No problem.”

She heard the rattle of the mug gliding across the counter and raised her chin. A moment passed when nothing filled her palm. Emma parted her lips in anticipation when a firm heat pressed against them.

God! A richness not from coffee, but the body of a man—the sharp note of musk and need—overwhelmed her senses. Nick’s kiss deepened, hotter than before. When a hand cupped her cheek, Emma rifled back through his hair. He nipped his bottom lip under hers and grazed his teeth against her tender skin. She moaned and parted her mouth.

He didn’t plunge in with his tongue but showed care in lapping her lips before darting the tip against hers. Emma pulled herself tighter to him and a hand clasped to the small of her back. That thick cock pressed against her belly. She wanted to run her fingers up it, to cup the base and jerk it just as he’d done in the tub. Her tongue swirled of its own accord, wanting to show Nick just how talented it was.

Pressing his pinkie into the hollow behind her ear, Nick tipped up Emma’s face until she felt light-headed. “How was that?” he asked, the struggle in his voice causing her thighs to tremble.

Leaving soon.

My entire life is two states away.

As she thought, his palm swept under her sweater. The warm hand cupped her naked back, and he pressed his fingertips higher. Nick placed his other thumb on her chin and circled his finger around the edge of her lips. A groan rose from Emma’s curled toes.

“I need more,” she gasped.

Nick kissed her harder than before. She held on for dear life, fully diving in. Palms caressed her cheek, then her belly, before reaching over her sweater to cup her breasts. He took care in teasing them, a gentle squeeze followed by a tender sweep under her small tits. His hands were the angels to his devil mouth.

Teeth nibbled on her earlobe, then bit down. Emma squealed, and he slipped a knee in between her thighs. Fuck! She swayed her hips forward, grinding against the hard muscle. Wetness swept across the whole of her vagina, causing her to cry out.

Her skin prickled like a thousand volts ran under it. She arched her back, wanting to feel his hands on her bare flesh. Nick toyed with her nipples barely making it through the padding in her bra. He drew his nose down her neck, sucking on her skin as he went. She fought off a whimper and ran her fingers down his shoulders. Emma was about to dig her nails into his biceps when Nick caught both her wrists.

He rose, pinning her hands together. Hot breath twisted in her ear. “Let me show you what I can do with my tongue.”