Monster Manor

A Choose Your Own Romance

Three dangerous, fang-bearing men are waiting for you to find them.

On Halloween night, your car breaks down outside a spooky, crumbling manor deep inside the forbidden woods. With your heart in your throat, you risk the hedges of thorns to explore the mysteries of the Monster Manor. Can you traverse the pitfalls of the haunted house to discover the himbo werewolf, the debonair ghost, and the bookish vampire in order to save them?

The manor hides a huge secret you must unravel before you can free the men. Do you pick the werewolf, vampire, or ghost, or are you lucky enough to banish the evil lurking at the heart of Monster Manor and win the hearts of all three?

This is a romance where you decide what happens, whom you wind up with, and—if you survive the night—to spend it with one, two, or all three distractingly romantic men.

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