Set in the time of pirates sailing the Caribbean’s turquoise waters, Joanna is facing a forced-marriage far from her home. She’s trying everything she can to escape, but she never counted on her rescuers coming from such an unlikely place.

A steamy mermen novella with sword fights, ship battles, and sexy ménage with a prince merman and his most trusted bodyguard.


Enki asked in a haunted and concerned voice, “Are you well?”

Yes. No. Everything was wrong, but it was the first taste of hope in months. How could she explain it? How could she explain any of it to these two strangers?

“She is cold,” Namhu explained. “The wet cloths upon her.” He mispronounced clothes while pointing to her dress. A simple explanation, one much easier to give, so Joanna nodded. Yes, that was it. She was cold.

“Ah,” Enki smiled bright, his soothing hand curling over her back. She wanted to lean against his strong chest, to luxuriate in the warmth and feel of his breaths matching her own. “I will help,” he announced and before Jo could gasp, his fingers tugged on the right shoulder of her dress.

“No, no,” Namhu announced, the man used to human customs quickly stopping his prince. He marched towards the two huddled in the sand and bent to a knee. “There are small knobs on the back you must undo first.”

Jo wanted to laugh at the thought when the man’s wide hands swept across the small of her back. A single one could nearly canvas the entire width, leaving her gulping in air as he began to undo each pearl button upwards. All the while, Enki kept watch, his lips pouted in concentration as if ladies fashion was fascinating. As if her body could be fascinating.

The dress’ bodice bowed outward, dragging to the sand from the water drenched into its fibers. Namhu’s hands curled around the outside of her waist, his hot breath dancing against her cheek as he said, “Raise your arms.” Rather than wait for her to comply, he helped guide hers up, barely a glance of the back of his hands skirting against her trembling skin.

It was Enki’s turn to take control. As Namhu placed his open palms to her elbows, the prince picked up the bottom of her dress and began to tug it high over her head. Jo gasped as the formality of civilization flew off her body. While Enki flapped the wet cloth around, Namhu’s tender fingers curled down her elbow tracing the line of her now nude arms and dipping back to her shoulders. Even with the chemise in place, she could practically feel his body heat touching hers.

“There is more?” Enki asked, abandoning the dress to size up Jo’s corset and underthings. She was still on shaky but good standing with being a proper lady. The dress was soaked and needed to be dried. If she remained in her chemise none could think her dishonorable.

That inquisitive grin rising, Enki placed a hand to her stomach and asked, “How does this one work?”

“I have no knowledge of it,” Namhu admitted. He leaned back to stare down the knots of the corset, then rose upon his haunches to stare at his prince over her shoulder. In doing so, she felt a stiff rod glance across her buttocks. He wasn’t as put-off by land-walkers are he liked to pretend.

A giddy thrill shivered through Joanna’s body. She could stay dressed, tell the mermen that it didn’t come off, sit by the fire. It was what a lady would do.

“Let me show you,” Jo said, reaching behind her to fumble for the knots.