Retail Hell

A Coven of Desire story

Even witches have to eat. Despite learning last that she has magic powers and there’s a gorgeous incubus living on her couch, Layla has to still play nice to belligerent customers at her retail job. To her shock, Ink appears while she’s in the middle of checking people out and refuses to leave. In this steamy short story, the customer can never be right against the might of a vengeful demon protecting his bond.

Everyone who buys a copy of Claw will receive the short story Retail Hell free. Set between the events of Ink and Claw in the Coven of Desire series, Layla’s workday from hell is interrupted by her personal sex demon. 

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Excerpt from Retail Hell

“You have been browbeaten, chagrined, maligned, and manhandled by crass creatures beneath your feet.”

“That’s retail for you.” I tipped my head in a shrug and Ink slipped his arm behind the small of my back. He pulled me flush to his chest until I nearly fell into his arms.

“After such trials,” he whispered while cupping my chin in his hand, “my bond deserves her tribulations.” Ink’s lips pursed and I beat him to the punch. Launching off the heated floor to my tiptoes, I caught his lips in a kiss. The hand that’d been holding me up slipped down my body to perch on my hip.

Ink thrust his hips forward, pressing his fully naked cock against me. I gasped in shock, certain he’d had pants on before. Somehow there was now nothing but cheap denim between me and incubus peen. A low chuckle rumbled from Ink. “Always surprised by my talents.” He slipped his tongue in my agape mouth, sending a ripple of not only heat but a sizzling electricity racing down my throat and deep into my clenching thighs.

A coolness struck my backside and I shifted, realizing he’d undone my jeans and cast them to the floor. The chill only lasted a second, Ink’s palms happy to warm the outside of my thighs and caress around the swell of my ass. He began to grind against me, digging his fingers in while swaying his hips to trail his cock back and forth over my belly.

“You mortals are such fun to excite,” Ink whispered and he plunged his incubus claws into my skin.

The pain bit through me and I leaped, only to be caught by the cascade of pleasure sliding down my spine. “Mmm, your mind is overrun with tempting desires,” Ink moaned. He pushed my legs open with his knee and dug into the small of my back to encourage me to grind on his thigh.
Wetness swept across the thin cotton panties keeping me from his naked skin. I reached out for the cock he taunted me with, but Ink caught my wrist. He guided my hand to his stomach, his fingers dancing mine up his gentle abs. As we went, the buttons on his shirt fell open, revealing a plethora of tattoos I’d never seen before. I wanted to study them, to trace every line with first my fingers then my teeth. I wanted to leap on top of him and pull his hair while he dug his claws into my ass.

I wanted…

“First…” The incubus driving me mad to get exactly what he wanted pulled my hands to his shoulders. He stared me directly in the eye as he traced a palm from my shoulder down over the rip in my shirt. “You require restitution in both body and soul.”