Reverse Harem Adventure-1

“A bath does sound nice,” you say, reaching for the mother-of-pearl handle. As you twist it, a great groan trembles beneath your feet like a monster rising from the depths of the oceans.

Cool fingers brush against your neck, tickling the fallen hair. You turn into the glittering gray eyes of the ghost. “Do not worry, my lady. It is only the pipes in this dreadfully old place.”

You smile wide and cup his hand against your shoulder. “I didn’t think there was a monster.”

Claremont frowns, his waxed mustache drooping to drag the dour turn with. His eyes dart to the porcelain tub filling with water and he rises to a full height. The whole of his skin glows a bright pink and the dashing gentleman drifts away.

“I should leave you to your bathing, my beauty.”

You assumed he’d stay, but the man is already half outside the closed door. Raising his hat, he bows to you, then fades from the room. So there were chivalrous men left, but they’re also dead.

The water slowly gurgles into the tub, rising up the polished white porcelain while flames flicker below. You dip your fingers in, finding the bath lukewarm at best. Still, it would be nice to warm your bones. Even you didn’t realize how cold the night had drawn.

Removing your clothing, you keep glancing behind your shoulder expecting for sparkling gray eyes to drift in. But Claremont seems to honor his word. How will you call him when this is over? Is there a bell in this bath’s suite?

The water’s reached to nearly the halfway point, and you spy steam twisting from its surface. Reaching in, you’re shocked to find the bath as warm as any jacuzzi. The heat lures you in, inviting you to dip the whole of your body under its surface. Crystal water curls over you, rising to partway up your chest. The intoxicating warmth invigorates your backside. You drop your arms in and try to slip under deeper, but it pops your feet up out into the chilly air.

It becomes a challenge to keep yourself submerged in the heat, when you notice the faucet is only dribbling a single drop. Curious, you twist in the bath and inspect the wide faucet.

Gold poured into the shape of a gargoyle, its wings strain back to wrap around the handle. The mouth is dislocated like an anaconda’s, in theory allowing water to fall free. But nothing is coming. You try the handle, twisting it each way it can turn. When that doesn’t work, you slip your fingers up the gargoyle’s mouth and snag on something metal.

While pulling it from deep in the back of the faucet, you hear a click of feet running along the hall. Just as you catch a silver fang in your palm, the door bursts open.

A beast of blackest fur stands before you. In a panic, you try to leap to your feet, but the tub is too slippery. The world races past you as you fall, only for a hand of fur and claws to wrap around your wrist. The monsters has you pinned in his tight grip and he holds you upright.

Eyes of a haunted moon burn into yours. The lips ripple over fangs glistening in anticipation. Only a small eep slips from your lips as your palm opens. The creature gazes at what you found and plucks it free.

Before you can even sink back into the tub to hide, it places the tooth in its mouth. Slowly, the hulking, ten-foot-tall beast melts. Its fur vanishes to skin whiter than moonlight. The deadly teeth and elongated nose push back into a face with dangerously pouty lips, shocking green eyes, and a square jawline. A human hand runs back over the thick, untamed black hair left on his head.

The man is completely naked, and has no shame to hide whatsoever. His chest could rival a certain thunder god’s, and the biceps bulge even as he stands still. Speaking of bulges… You cannot help but dart your eyes over his rectangular hips to his resting cock. Meaty pops into your head, the kind of thick salami you want you wrap your lips over. There’s more than enough space for you to fit both your hands while you suck on that reddish crown.

And the cock in question twitches at your attention. Heat burns over the entirety of your body, your eyes failing to go anywhere but his loins.

“Hello,” the rugged stranger says, giving a little wave of his fingers.

“Dominic!” a voice screams from behind. Claremont phases through the door, his face knotted in rage. “There is a lady present!”

“Oh?” The once werewolf glances to you as naked as he is. Bold as brass, his green eyes canvass the whole of your body, before he flinches and slaps a wide hand over his face. “Sorry. Forgot.”

“Not that,” the flustered ghost continues. Claremont too has his eyes averted as he plucks one of the towels free. You barely have enough time to lift your arms before he envelops you in it. Still, he caresses his palm over the whole of your back once it’s behind a piece of terrycloth.

“I pray the brute did not frighten you,” Claremont says and you shake your head. “Good. Getting him to obey is nigh on impossible, though he is certainly eager to try.”

The werewolf in question grins from below his hand blindfold. As he does so, his cock twitches, freely swinging among the bramble of black hair. Maybe it’s the heat of the bath, but you feel your entire body melting into a puddle.

“Dominic, cover your shame!” Claremont shouts while offering you a hand. The chill of the floorboards sweep over you, cooling your blush.

“Sorry,” the werewolf mutters before slapping a hand not over his crotch but his mouth. The exasperated sigh from the ghostly gentleman brings a laugh to your lips.

Circling his fingers over yours, Claremont brings your hand to his lips and kisses it. “My lady, I was inspecting the old wardrobes and happened to come across a dress I believe would hug your body perfectly.”

“Or she can just wear what she’s already got on,” Dominic said from behind his palm.

“Not all of us are naturalists, beast.”

What do you wish to wear?

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