Reverse Harem Adventure-13

“Yeah…no,” you say shaking your head. “Fighting a witch? That’s nuts. I’m out of here.”

Orpheus sighs but floats away. “Fair enough.”

“But she…” Dominic complains far too late. You’re already beating feet out the library, leaving the three men to figure out their own problems. You do not need this mess.

“What am I supposed to do, break her broomstick? Hit her with her cat? Maybe clean her cast iron cauldron with soap? Ooh, that’d really piss her off.”

You run down the staircase, feeling eyes watching you everywhere but caring nothing for them. The front door swings open as if the house itself has grown as sick of you as you have of it. “Thanks for nothing,” you say to the door.

Without looking back, you jog down the path no doubt full of dead people the witch sliced open for her spells. Taking someone’s skin or spleen to keep herself younger sounded about right for the evil hag they mentioned. Nothing grabs at your hands or clothing as you return to the road.

You find your car resting where you left it, turn on the ignition, and speed off into the night. Whatever that crazy ass haunted house wants is none of your business. It, and the ghosts and ghouls inside, get nothing but taillights.


Not the ending you want?

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