Reverse Harem Adventure-14

A scream bursts from your lungs and you launch into the river. Water splashes back, striking whatever was behind you. With all the strength in your body, you run in terror from the monster. Mud suckers to your feet, trying to drag you in, but you fight against it.

Yanking onto the branches, you pull yourself free of the river and leap onto the other side. A howl rips apart the air directly behind you. Every leaf left on the trees shakes and shreds from their twigs until they tumble to the ground. Shivering down your spine, you dash into the bramble of trees.

There is no path, no clearly laid direction left to you. Branches rip at your hair, your clothing, they tear at your jacket, and try to hold you for the monster behind. But you won’t stop. Knowing that if you do you’ll be ripped to shreds, you force all the air you have to pump your legs. To keep running until you can’t.

You risk a glance back, the creature as darkness itself plunging into the woods. It’s a good ten or twenty strides behind, but something inside tells you it’s doing that on purpose. It’s playing with you.

“Oh no!” you scream, whipping your head around as your shoes skid on the broken rocks. The ground falls away, revealing a ravine cut into the side of a mountain. You pinwheel your arms, struggling to keep from falling over. Boulders with sharp edges line the entire side of the cliff, each more than happy to shatter your bones to dust.

Digging your heels in, you collapse to a knee and cling to the edge of forevermore. But you don’t fall. A laugh of shock at surviving bursts from you, but it’s not for long.

Another howl bursts from behind. You spin in place and the creature steps from the darkness. The light of the moon circles the monster, its feet massive paws with two-inch claws. The dark fur fills the entirety of its body. Arms with the same deadly claws hang at the side. Its nose is elongated, the ears pointed, and the eyes burning into your soul. In an instant, you know this to be a werewolf.

Numb, you reach for the first thing you can find to help save you.

Do you grab…

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