Reverse Harem Adventure-16

The mirror, you conjecture, must be the source. It bears the symbol of the witch and shoots lightning from it surface. That has to be it. The witch yanks on her arm, hurling Orpheus into the air. No time to second guess yourself. Gritting your teeth, you chuck the flask against the mirror.

The glass shatters, purple washing over the cracked mirror and leeching higher across the reflective pool.

“You think you can stop me? I am the witch of the woods. These forests answer to none but me!” she shrieks and begins to grow in size.

You watch the mirror’s surface warp from the ooze, the lightning struggling to erupt under it. Did you guess right?

“It’s time I fix my mistakes. Bury Gravestone in a swamp up to his neck and let the insects fester in his eyeballs.” The witch slams a hand forward, her shadow pinning Orpheus to the wall. “The dog will hang from the archway, his skeleton left to rot until the bones rain down on all who tread into my domain.”

She cinches her hand tight, the vines tightening around Dominic until a terrifying welp bursts from him. No!

“And as for my dear husband.” The witch twists her rabid eyes to the bones scattered across the floor. “You will experience tortures beyond your ken in the pits of hell.” She twirls her finger, lifting the bones into the air. Claremont can do nothing, his skeleton hanging in the middle of the room.

A cruel smile twists about the witch’s cold lips and she wrenches her hand apart. Claremont’s skeleton erupts into dust. You take a step for him, only to hear a twisted cackle rise from the witch.

She glances at the mirror now swarmed entirely in the purple potion. Her tirade pauses and she stares at her warped reflection in the covered mirror. “You thought this the source of my magic? That a woman must only hunger for power to feed her vanity? Oh, child…”

The witch laughs again. “You put her up to this, Orpheus?”

Panic seizes your lungs. You turn and try to fly down the stairs, but the witch pins you in place. You can do nothing but watch as the witch lifts Orpheus into the air like a rag doll. His hands extend helplessly to his side, but your eyes open wide as his jaw opens. The witch lingers directly behind him, watching with a cruel curiosity as the vampire’s fangs distend.

“I brought you a delicious mortal, Orpheus,” the witch says. Tears bud up in Orpheus’ eyes. He tries to shake his head, but he cannot stop the witch in control of his body. “The least you can do is taste it.”

A shriek rises in your lungs and you tuck inward. Sharp points plunge into your neck. The pain is unbearable, sundering through you like flames. You find yourself falling down a dark hole, watching the world of witches, vampires, werewolves, and ghosts flicker away.

The last sound to whisper through your ears is Claremont begging you to not leave him. After that, it is only darkness.


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That didn’t go so well. I’ll try another run through of Ellen Mint’s Choose Your Own Reverse Harem Halloween Adventure. How far can you get?

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