Reverse Harem Adventure-18

Not about to face more thorns pricking into your skin, you turn to the left. Still, you avoid the stones, doing everything you can to not step on them.

All light save the flickering of your phone vanishes. The stars themselves puff out of existence with the rise of clouds and an unearthly fog creeping over the underbrush. With every step you make, the sound of crinkling leaves ricochets through the forest.

The branches have all been stripped leaving the trees gnarled fingers scraping across the path. One rakes over the top of your head, scattering your hair. You duck down, hoping to avoid more, when your ankle twists on a broken stone.

Shivering, you aim your flashlight further down the path, and your heart stops. The stones are shattered, crushed to pieces and left in a pile at the edge of a creek. What does that mean?

Brushing a twig out of your hair, you step closer and peer at the trickling water. The light bounces off the creek, reflecting the worry in your eyes. You try to focus past it to see how deep the water runs. As you twist your phone, the light catches on a glint of metal.

Curious, you reach into the water. A cold more bracing than the deepest freeze prickles against your skin. You wrap your fingers around the object and lift it from the water. In shock, you discover it’s an animal’s fang dipped in pure silver and hung off a chain.
Another twig tugs on the top of your hair. You brush it away while trying to study the strange necklace. Why would someone make this? Or leave it in a river?

As your hand reaches back to shoo away the leaf, it strikes you at once. There are no trees around. There are no branches that can be close enough to grab your hair. And your fingertip is touching something hairy.

Numb, you focus the camera light on the river. A face of yellow eyes, glinting fangs, and fur blacker than midnight smiles from behind you.

What do you do?

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