Reverse Harem Adventure-2

You uncork the wine you found and tip it into the glass. The black liquid seeps upward, encompassing the wine until only impenetrable darkness fills the glass. What are you thinking? You can’t do this.

Orpheus’ gaze never wavers, his face beaming with a surprising show of pride. You place the cup to your lips, and pause. “Will it hurt?” you ask.

The vampire chuckles. “No, the exact opposite.”

What does that mean? You tip your head, intending to ask, when the walls creak in agony. The entire top floor of the library crushes inward as if it’s leaning in to watch you. The wine glass sloshes in your hand and the floor begins to undulate. You reach out to cup it, uncertain what will happen if the potion spills.

Orpheus’ face gnarls in rage. “She does not wish this to happen,” he declares and stands taller. “This does not negate our bargain, witch!”

You whip your head around while books tumble from the shelves. Some strike the ground hard, ripping apart floorboards. Other take flight into the air, fluttering like a flock of bats all slamming for you. Orpheus darts in front taking each blow without a single cry. But there is a multitude of ammunition for this witch in the library. It’s only a matter of time.

Green light pours from above, gushing down the sides of the shelves. “Mortal,” Orpheus shouts, “drink from the goblet before it’s too late.”

The unholy liquid sloshes like jello in the crystal glass. You stare into its black depths seeing nothing but darkness. The surface swallows whatever touches it. “Ah!” you scream, a massive paw slicing over your head.

A plinking sound breaks through the library as the massive grizzly bear rips its hind leg off the pedestal. The bear begins to descend from its platform. Green light seeps from between its fangs and behind the glass eyes. It doesn’t waste its time roaring and instead lashes for you. Orpheus lunges forward, arms wrapped around the deadly paw. You watch in terror, the whole of the library rising up to kill him to get to you.

Drink the potion.

Ramming the cup to your mouth, you open wide and dump it all in. The liquid crawls down your throat. You can feel every drop slithering from the top of your throat down to your stomach like a giant worm sliding its last.

As the last reaches your stomach, you gird yourself for the pain. For a burning to rip away your soul. For hellfire itself to rise from your veins. Claws slash through the air, four of the sharp points aimed to rip your face from your skull. But they’re helpless pinned between your hands.

When did you grab them? When did you even move?

You find yourself hovering above the ground, not touching it. The bear’s dead jaw opens wide, and a roar bursts free. Not the roar of an animal, but one of a tornado from hell. You hook your fingers around its lower jaw and rip the entire thing away.

Green fog tumbles from the hole. Orpheus appears behind the bear, a bottle held under to catch the fleeing specter. It has no choice but to seep into the bottle. As it hits the glass bottom, he slams a cork on and picks up a candle. Whispering a curse, Orpheus dribbles an endless stream of wax over the bottle’s top, sealing it.

The green light twists in rage, forming a tiny storm inside the glass. But it can’t escape, and it seems to know that.

“You’ve failed in your quest, witch. I am no longer the lonely scholar you cursed to this unending existence. Begone and leave me…” Orpheus’ winning screed pauses and he glances to you. “Leave us alone or I will boil your bones inside your skin.” Picking up the bottle, he drags the candle’s flame under the glass.

A scream reverberates in every nail of the manor. Orpheus pulls the bottle through the fire thrice more before all the books fall to the ground. The bear tumbles backward, landing on the desk and cracking in half. Orpheus glances at the mighty grizzly with hollow insides while you stand uncertainly beside him.

“It worked,” he sputters, spinning to you. Arms wrap around your body, the chill from his long gone. “You are…of me and other pricolici. You are free!”

Free? You don’t understand. You were never under any constraints. It’s not until you stand taller and find there is no pain in your legs from running into the night. The scrapings against your arms from the nails and wood are gone. A strength you’ve never known surges through you. Catching Orpheus’ knowing look, you understand. The eternal struggle of life against death holds no meaning for you. Never again will you face a hard morning, a knotted back, a headache.

You are free of pain, of the constraints of living.

You are of him. Which means he’s also of you.

“I am…forgive me,” Orpheus laughs, “I want to speak with you endlessly. To rest my head in your lap and talk of the world, of your past, or what you feel, know, hope, want.”

He wraps his arms around you and begins to rise into the air. You follow him, the ability to fly as second nature to you as walking. Hovering above the damage in the library, Orpheus caresses your cheek. “I also wish to touch you,” he whispers. “To trace the hollow of your perfect neck with my fangs. To trail the tips down your body until I reach your belly button. To nestle myself between your thighs and delight in the tumble of your hair as you cry out for me.”

With his hips in the lead, Orpheus presses you to him. So tight, your legs interlock until you find yourself resting on his thigh. The full breadth of his cock glides against you and your hips begin to rock.

Tugging on your hair, Orpheus draws his fangs against your neck. “You confound me so. All my life I knew precisely what I wanted. Not even the demons of hell could stop me. Now…I don’t know what to do.”

You smirk, revealing your new fangs to him. “Later, we fill those books with our combined knowledge.”

“And now?” the vampire asks.

With your new strength you rip open his shirt, revealing a chest that’d braved deadly swamps and fought off grizzly bears. “Tonight,” you say, tugging Orpheus’ head to the side. “We fuck.” You sink your fangs in, delighting in the whimpers of arousal from the man at your command.

As vampire lord and lady, you rule over the library in a forgotten manor long after the world that built it is lost. All that matters to you is knowledge, the magic of the natural world, and the delight your bodies can bring to each other.


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